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Monday, February 28, 2005

Homespun Edwardian Shawl

Okay, my first attempt was a success (though I see I will have to make
the pics smaller in the future, so they'll fit within the posting area

Here's the second project I spent part of my crocheting weekend
on. I just LOVE this yarn! This will be a shawl similar to
the one I made mom for Christmas, though I will be going very light on
the fringe with this one, and I'm making it quite a bit narrower than I
made hers. It's based on the Lion Brand Prayer shawl pattern,
will post a link to it later when I have more energy to hunt it down at
their website. This is a very easy pattern, perfect for a
crocheting beginner. It's made up of half-double crochet
stitches, no fancy stuff, and I can attest from experience that it is a
perfect project to work on while watching TV or a movie. This one
will be for lil ole me!

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Okay, this is about all I can manage for tonight. That old alarm
clock will be sounding far too soon. I'm off to crochet myself to


  • At 8:24 PM, Anonymous losingmymind2 said…

    That looks lovely. I have the same color yarn to make a prayer shawl for my friends husband. He loves hers so much, he wants one of his own as he's helping her cope with illness. Then their college age daughters keep trying to sneak it back to their dorm rooms, so I better make them each one too.


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