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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Slowly getting up to speed...

Well, between yesterday and today, I have finally gotten to where I think I have an idea of what I'm doing, lol! Still, it will take awhile for me to get all the neat and nifty little things gathered and set up here to make this blog uniquely mine. Bear with me (okay, so it's an intended pun, but what would you expect from goldilocks, eh?) as I learn new things at a rather slow pace - this blog is, after all, to be about my crocheting, which means I have to find some time to actually be carrying on that activity in order to have something to talk about! So, my next post will actually be about crochet, and I will begin notifying you all about the existence of this blog so you can find out what I'm up to.

A couple of notes for visitors:

1 - I have set this blog up so that if you see a post of mine that you would like to share with friends, you can simply click on the little envelope icon at the bottom of the post to email a link of the post to them.

2 - It may take a few trial and error sessions before I'm up to speed on posting pics of my work, but I will be getting right to it. Of course, this also means it's time to have a photo shoot to document my current wips. So much to do, so little time (I guarantee you'll probably be seeing many variations on that theme here, it seems to be the defining characteristic of my life, lately especially!)...

3 - as soon as I'm up to speed here, I will be setting up an automated mailing list that you can sign up for to be notified whenever I add to my blog, if you are interested. I will let you know when it's up and running, once it seems feasible to add.

4 - there's a whole lot of other things I'm learning I can do with this blog, so this will definitely be a work in progress for some time!

Okay, and off we go...


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