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Saturday, March 19, 2005

And here's where it stands as of yesterday!

I made some pretty good progress with this project this week, all things considered. Whenever I'm feeling stressed and anxious, I reach for my crocheting to help take the edge off - obviously I did a lot of reaching for the project this week! I took these (and the previous pics) at work, where the lighting is so much better, not to mention having an available area large enough to lay the blanket out for display.

I may have mentioned this before, but I am making this afghan out of Lion Brand's Homespun (what else?!) in Roccoco, Ranch and Plantation (which is a rich forest green in color), and using their free ripple afghan pattern, found here (you will have to enter your email address to get the pattern to display, but it's worth it - and you won't get bombarded with ads in that email
either). This is a very simple and easy to do pattern which works up pretty quickly once you get the basic pattern down.

I think Phil will like this, and it will go well with his living room decor. He has a huge sectional sofa in tans and greys, with some throw pillows he bought seperately for it in a similar forest green as the Plantation, in corduroy, so I'm certain this will match and look well draped over the
back of his sofa.

Since I took this picture (yesterday evening), I've managed to add 3 more rows to it. Once I add 5 more onto that, I will be at the halfway point in this project! I intend to at least meet that, if
not exceed it, this weekend, though it will have to share time with my other project so I don't know how much further I will get with it beyond that. But I am hoping to have it finished in about a week or so. It has also reached the stage where it's too big to carry to work for my lunchtime session any more, and besides, I won't be having much time (if any) to get any crocheting done at work as spring arrives, as my daughter and I will commence our lunchtime walks again, as soon as the temps climb out of their chilly depths enough - I really need to start getting that exercise in again, spent most of the winter hunkered down here in my little Kenosha box (as I call my house)! Time to whip myself back in shape!

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