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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Busy birthday week

Wednesday, the calendar rolled over for me for the 48th time (my my MY how the time does fly!). All in all, it was a wonderful day, filled with well wishes from everyone. I received a great card from Phil, which I will have to take a pic of to post here (it's currently being displayed at my work area, or I'd do it now), along with a couple of woven sissal baskets to hold some of my yarn stash (I will need to line them first).

I called mom to thank her for the card she sent me, with a bit of cash tucked inside and so heavily taped up that it took me several minutes with a pair of scissors to extract it, lol!

There was a company event scheduled for the evening, a "Las Vegas Night", with entertainment in the form of an Elvis impersonator. I didn't attend, though I did drop in for a few minutes toward the end of the show to see this guy after Phil surprised me by dropping his name when I told him about it - I had just earlier in the day written the check to pay the guy, whom I had previously never heard of before. I find it interesting that the vast majority of these impersonators (to my recollection, anyway) seem to imitate the "late" version of "The King", I can't recall too many out there who try to recreate the early, sexier-looking version, do you? Of course, it's not like I follow that entertainment venue at all, not being a rabid Elvis fan, this is just a very superficial observation on my part. At any rate, from all reports everyone had a great time at the event.

Because of it, my boss completely overlooked the fact that it was also my birthday that day. It is our department's tradition to have some kind of treat on a person's birthday, but because she was so absorbed in the planning and execution of this party, she totally forgot about it, and was sooooo apologetic over her oversight, to which I insisted she shouldn't make a fuss about it. So she promised to bring in a treat of my choice on Thursday, but because I was continuing in my scatterbrained fashion to be rather forgetful myself, I neglected to inform her what I wanted, and finally - when pressed - told her just to surprise me, I honestly couldn't think of anything.

I spent most of my evenings Monday through Wednesday working to prepare my main computer for bringing it back online and into full-service duty. Wednesday took the longest, but I was bound and determined to get it done (finally) and be up and surfing the web before hitting the sack. Finally completed all the configuration chores and successfully got online around 1 am Thursday, bleary-eyed with exhaustion but pleased to be back to a computer with the ability to handle moving graphics and sound. But wait! Not so fast... Not long after I began seriously browsing the forums and my emails, I suddenly got a "blue screen of death". Recovered from that only to be told that the system was dangerously low on resources. Then another blue screen. By now it was after 2 and I was in danger of falling out of my chair, there was just no time left to try and figure out what had gone wrong, so I shut everything down and went to bed...

...and managed to oversleep on Thursday morning, waking up at the time I should have been leaving the house for work! Not a good way to start the day, for sure, especially as I have been struggling with the "on time" issue jobwise for a long time now. I was nearly an hour and a half late getting in to work. And, as of right now, I still have to tackle those technical issues with my main 'puter, as I didn't even want to try Thursday night and risk being up too late again, or repeating Thursday morning on Friday.

Still, there were some high points in my day Thursday. My boss's surprise for my birthday was to buy pizza for the department. Not those old flat, boring cheese on a cracker style pizza, but the soul-satisfying Edwardo's deep dish, the kind where two slices will hold you for an entire day, they're so filling! And I got one of the cutest birthday cards I've seen in a long while from another co-worker. This one too is on display at work, but I'll post a pic along with Phil's card next week.

And then, there was the package from my best friend Kate in Baton Rouge that arrived Thursday morning via UPS... But that will have to be the subject of it's own post!


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