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Friday, March 04, 2005

Can't stop drooling!

OMG! I am in yarnhog heaven! My order from KnitPicks arrived today, right speedy I might add - compared to some others who complained of delays, so I did not expect this. What a wonderful surprise to greet me when I arrived home tonight!

This is my first purchase of the fine yarns made from mostly natural animal fibers, and I must say this is some of the most incredibly soft yarn I have ever had the pleasure to hold. I remember reading another gal's blog, where she went on about "petting" her yarn - this yarn BEGS to be petted! I am IN LOVE!

Unfortunately, so is Meeps. Normally, she shows little to no interest in my yarn until I actually start to work with it, at which time she will often sit at my feet and gaze in rapt attention at the wiggling progress of the thread as it works it's way from the skein to my hook. Occasionally, she can't resist trying to "hook" it herself, with a paw, and bite it to death. Nothing like crocheting along and then hitting a spot saturated with kitty spit! We once had a near mini-disaster when I reacted suddenly to her grabbing at my yarn, which caused her to bolt, with the yarn now wrapped around a hind leg... Fortunately, she had the wise sense to halt on command just a few feet away, and was quickly disentangled before I ended up with about a hundred yards of unraveled yarn strewn about my house!

But this yarn was different. As soon as I got the bag open and dumped the contents on the bed to have a looky-see, she was there, all curious. She very nearly crawled completely inside the bag, then tried to give my new yarn a very close inspection. No shooing was effective, she was crowding me and my new yarn, so I had to quickly repackage the skeins and hanks and wait
for an uninterrupted opportunity to drool in peace. Plus, I wanted to get a photo of my new acquisitions. Fortunately, she decided later that a jaunt around the neighborhood would be a good way to spend some time (she's been acting like a real "house-kitty" through most of the
winter, preferring to stay warm and pester me instead for her entertainment), so I got my opportunity to pet my new yarn and set it up for this shot.

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The blue striped hanks are the Shimmer (70% Alpaca and 30% silk), which I have in mind to use for a lovely shawl-collared shawl pattern I have, and the very pale yellow is the Baby Alpaca, destined for another shawl pattern - thinking of trying it with either the Butterfly pattern I got
from Crochetville, or the Seraphina which I was introduced to from another blog - will try to locate the proper links later, when I have more time (haven't I heard those words before? Oh yeah, my motto...). Or, I might reverse them as far as the patterns go, haven't completely
made up my mind. The variegated yarn will hopefully become the very first pair of socks I will have ever made - and I hope the process will work out more smoothly than the mitten project did! The two skeins of orangy-red yarn is the Andean Treasure, it's called "Sunset", which I
have no specific plans for yet, just wanted to try it out and get a feel for it so I could match it up properly to a project. I may just play with this one for awhile and see if it will "speak" to me. It is truly lovely, and oh so soft!

Not having put any of this yarn to the "hook test", I won't be able to report yet on the matter of ease in working with any of it. Before I can use any of the hanks, I will need to rewind them. I have been dropping rather heavy (as in boulder-weight, lol!) hints to my daughter about my desperate need for a yarn ball winder, seeing as how my birthday is just around the corner. The winder will come in handy not only for this lovely stash, but also for the several large bags of
thrift-store sweaters cluttering my living room at the moment...

Since I have to be to work tomorrow even earlier than usual (and "usual" is tough enough for me to manage, not being an early-bird kind of gal), I will sign off so I can spend the remaining bit of time before bedtime working on one project or the other - either the mitten (started on the new #2 at lunch today, got a whole 5 rows of the ribbing done before lunch was over) or the prayer shawl, which I will be sleeping with until I work that sixteen rows back into it. Decisions decisions...

Weekend for me starts tomorrow afternoon. I plan to hit Michaels on my way home and cash in on the extra 40% off one item coupon I have that expires tomorrow. Since I blew most of my minimal yarn budget on the knitpicks yarn, whatever I get won't be much. Now, to win the lottery or something, whatever would grant me plenty of both money for my yarn and the time to work with it!

Viva la weekend!


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