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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Demoralizing day

Well, today started off pretty good and went downhill from there. I went to bed (far too late, again) last night with yarn running through my mind, and it was still at it when I awoke. I had decided to take the shawl to work today, instead of the mitten, for my lunchtime session. I had managed to get several rows done last night and I was really psyched, I was on a roll!

At lunch, I got another 6 or 7 rows done, and even managed to sneak a couple more rows in during breaks. I was hoping to finish off the first skein before laying the piece out to get a "progress" shot of it. I almost made it too. But then (you knew this was coming, didn't you?) I noticed something as I finished up my last row, about midafternoon. Somehow, my working end had developed a decided slant to it. So I went and spread it out on an open workdesk, so I could get a better look. Yup, sure enough - I had somehow managed to sneak a few extra stitches into my rows and it was growing wider as I went along. I felt immediately demoralized and deflated, all my excitement drained out of me and depression set in, strongly enhanced by the onset of PMS, which I'd felt coming on this morning as my temper flared over other drivers on the road (driving ten miles below the speed limit and riding tandem so no one could get by, especially a gal who was running a bit behind - as usual. This happens quite often around here, I think they get a kick out of it!). I put aside any notion of a picture session and contemplated a very different evening from the one I'd started out with.

Took a little while to locate where I went off with the stitch count, but was further demoralized when I finally did locate it - halfway down the project. I spent some time contemplating trying to just fudge it and live with the error, but they don't call me "goldilocks" for no good reason. It has to be done "just right". So, I had a frogging session, ripping out SIXTEEN rows. I now have a small mountain of yarn sitting on my bed, waiting to be stitched back into those sixteen rows. I'll start the process with a few before I fall asleep if I can manage it, which will be very shortly, as last night's shortened sleep schedule is beginning to catch up with me.

I suppose it wouldn't be such a big deal to me, to have had to frog the dang thing, if it was just the odd occurance. But in the last month or so, EVERY project I have attempted, I have managed to screw up my counts - even the mitten project! The shawl is only the fifth I've managed to screw up and have to spend time redoing what I'd already done. I should have had five completed projects to show by now, and I have none, because I have spent more time undoing the dang things (a few of them several times, to my utter frustration) than I have crocheting them. You bet I'm demoralized! I have never had this kind of difficulty before, and I sure am praying it's just a temporary glitch due to my attempts to recover from a very lengthy period of extreme stress.

So, no picture tonight of my Edwardian shawl.

But, to end this post on a bright note (there had to be one!), I DO have a successful progress pic to post of my second mitten, which I expect to complete this weekend. I would have attempted to get the thumb worked up tonight, but I was just too depressed and afraid I'd probably screw that up too. So far (knock wood, 3 times just to be sure!), this one is working out to be error free, and it sure does look nice. I also now feel pretty confident that I have this pattern down so I am not anticipating any problems with the next mitten - by the time I'm done with that one, I think I may safely consider myself to be a mitten pro!

I will post the picture as a seperate entry. At this point in my blogging experience, and until I have more time to spend working on getting up to speed on how to do things without tons of trial and error, it's easier to post the pictures using the "blog this" feature in photobucket, but I've noticed that when I add a lot of text to those posts, it doesn't format correctly, and editing from blogger doesn't correct it one bit, so I will refrain from making long posts along with my pics, until I can do it here rather than remotely.

Signing off for the night - and thanks to all who have visited my blog! I will respond to any comments left with any of my posts over the weekend (which I live for, lol!). Almost TGIF!


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