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Monday, March 28, 2005

Frustration... Disappointment...

Well, yesterday morning I was all set to finally wrap up my afghan project.
Because I had noted I was running short on the Roccoco Homespun, I had
decided to drop one color-set from the pattern, which originally called for
11 repeats of the 3 colors and ending with the same color as I started - the
Roccoco. I thought for sure I would have enough, though it was obvious it
was gonna be close - and then, when I'd reached 2/3 of the way through the final row - I ran out! 35 stitches short of the mark...

Under ordinary circumstances, I could have just rushed out to the craft shop
and picked up another skein thereby saving the day. But my life is not
operating in the ordinary range lately (or maybe it is, actually!). With $5
in my pocket to cover me till the end of the week and the prospect of trying
to get one more tank of gas to keep me running so I can replenish my
diminished funds, there was obviously no way I could run out and spend my last few bucks on yarn - though the thought DID cross my mind!

Then, later in the day, I remembered that I had a skein of the Ranch that I
needed to return, as it had a defect. Cool! I could just return that and
use the credit from it to pick up the color I needed! So I brought the
skein to work with me, along with my little envelope full of yarn purchase
receipts to sort out and find the right one.

Weeellll - I just got done reviewing my receipts, and it seems my memory was faulty about where I'd bought the Ranch from. I had been hoping it was Michaels because they have it on sale this week so it would not have cost me extra (or much extra, depending on what the previous sale price had been) for the exchange. But alas, my careful review revealed that I had bought the yarn from Hobby Lobby at a VERY good sale price indeed - $3.22! But they don't have HS on sale this week, and the refund I'd get from the ranch would not be enough to cover the $3.97 plus tax I'd have to pay at Michaels. So it looks like I'm again stuck at square one - waiting until after I getpaid to pick up the needed yarn to finish my project.

It sucks to be this broke!

Well, there must be a good reason why I'm suffering these delays, so I will
just stop struggling against it and turn my attention to my other wips, and
to my research for the summer scarf swap project I've signed up for at
Crochetville. At least the excitement of that should take the sting out of
my disappointment! I've even been dreaming about what kind of a pattern I
want to do for this project, lol! In fact, I was almost late for work this
morning because I was daydreaming about summer scarf patterns and missed my turnoff!


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