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Saturday, March 19, 2005

My, how the time flies!

Each Monday, I enter the new week with trepidation, wondering what new challenges await me and whether I will be up for them. Lately, each new week has managed to find a way to be even more challenging than the last, and by the end of it, I crawl home, marvelling that I made it yet again. This week has certainly been no exception! It's not so much that it was a bad week, just an uncommonly busy one, especially on the personal front. I can't say that I do "busy" very well these past few years, having gone into stress overload some time ago and still struggling to recover from it. Returning to my old love of crocheting was a therapeutic move on my part, meant to help me wind myself down and de-stress. But as any good obsessive-compulsive can tell you, it never seems to quite work that way! If stress weren't being applied externally, I will find a way to roll it out from within! Ah, but at least I'll have something lovely to show for it, and so this type of stress does have a good payback that makes it all worthwhile.

Last week, on Thursday, I attended the funeral of a friend that passed away the previous weekend rather suddenly and without warning. I worked a half-day, then took off for my previously scheduled dentist appointment before heading to the funeral home - with half my face thoroughly numbed and feeling swollen in that wierd distorted way that novocaine makes it feel. It was also an uncommonly cold evening, with windchills in the single digits - and I had to climb under the hood of my car to check my transmission fluid levels while dressed in my nice clothes. I'd been having problems with a trans fluid leak but no money to do anything about it except keep pouring more fluid in and pray - like crazy! On the way to the dentist's, I noticed that the gears were slipping ALOT, which concerned me (as it should have). Sure enough, I was so low it was barely registering on the dip stick! So I poured in about a half a quart and went off to the funeral with that problem (and the matter of a budget already operating in the red) rolling around in my overcrowded brain. There was a possibility of salvation awaiting me at this sad event, though it was a bit of a delicate matter to have to make my plea for help under such conditions. In any other circumstances, I wouldn't have done it, but my situation was dire.

Attending the funeral from out of town was another friend who currently lives in Oklahoma. Diane had been a very close friend of Glen's, in fact he was pretty much considered part of the family in her household. Glen is an airplane mechanic and an all-around mechanical genius. If anyone remembers the TV show "MacGyver", then you will have an idea about Glen - he's the "MacGyver" of the auto world. I found my opportunity to discuss my car problems with him and he agreed to take a look at his next available bit of time - he was solidly booked through the weekend, so it was scheduled for Monday evening.

He had once before performed a bit of magical wizardry on my car, easily fixing something that would have probably cost me hundreds of dollars at the mechanics for only a couple of dollars, the cost of a small amount of rubber tubing. I was hoping this would turn out to be a similar kind of situation - and it was! He took the car for a spin to diagnose how bad the slippage was - since I'd topped off the fluid levels, it wasn't slipping at all - found the source of the leak, got the materials (more tubing!) and got it installed and me on the road and running again, in only a little over an hour! I owe that man in a BIG way now, am contemplating what I can make for a man who lives in Oklahoma...

This is just one of many things that have been going on in my life recently, all of it crowding under the shadow of constant fears of financial doom. If I didn't have my crochet projects to help distract and relax me, I don't know what condition I'd be in by now!

Since I still haven't found the time to tinker around and learn how to post my pictures directly in this blog, I will once again send them over from my image-hosting site, because it's so much easier! I have another full day of things to do facing me today, but I really wanted to grab this chance to update my blog since it's been, what? A week? EEK! Make that ten whole days since my last entry! My my, how the time flies...

I have lots more to say, but will have to work on figuring out how to break it down into smaller posts first, so I don't end up writing an entry that's book-length. Don't want to bore my visitors to tears, lol!

Onto my wips and other things!


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