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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Frustration is my middle name...

I cannot BELIEVE it! I have been working away on my summer scarf project for Becky, was really anticipating making great strides on it this weekend. Quite frankly, I am not the speediest crocheter, and I also can't resist doing experimental things that are, well, let's just say not simple. It took me over a week of playing around with the yarn until I settled on an idea and a pattern to go with it that I felt would be something a gal in Arizona might like for a summer scarf.

Yesterday, I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked, but that was because I got all caught up in trying to accomplish another thing I'd been trying to do for awhile - get the buttons installed on my blog. And, I did lose part of the day taking care of mundane errands and even entertaining a visitor for a little bit. So I didn't crochet as much as I would have liked, though I did manage to lay down most of two rows (let me add that I am working this scarf in sectional pieces, with the main body being worked lengthwise). Today, I dunno, I've just been massively scatterbrained all day long, and my project has suffered for it! I was rolling along nicely, having gotten one whole row done and was about halfway through the second row when - gasp! - I discovered a major blunder at that point on the preceding row! Nothing demoralizes me faster than having to rip out a large amount of work due to stupid errors on my part!

I let it sit for awhile and went off to do other things, and finally returned to it, determined to quickly work my way through the painful process of ripping and redoing the two rows. I was very attentive and careful as I redid that first row, to make sure I didn't repeat the error (of ommission, if you must know, having missed an entire pattern repeat - rather hard to ignore and hide). A few stitches from the end of the row, I again reviewed my just completed work - and discovered that I'd made ANOTHER glaring error, totally different but equally as devastating! And this one had been repeated almost completely across the entire row! WTF!!! WHERE is my brain??? If this is what menopause does to the braincells, just shoot me! I don't believe this!

I will, once again, go back to my project and rip out the row, and redo it, because I REFUSE to be conquered by a little bit of fluffy yarn!

And if it happens again, I'm finding the nearest bridge...


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