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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I'm Okay, You're Okay, the computer could use a little help

I have been wanting to post an update to my blog for several days now, but found it near impossible to set the crocheting down long enough to do so. My weeknights tend to zoom right past me anyway and I long ago quit trying to keep up. But my solution of "leave it till the weekend" hasn't been working too good either - they're just not long enough for the formidable to-do lists I manage to amass!

Besides crocheting, foremost on this weekend's list of things to do with urgency is to stop procrastinating and get to work on my primary computer so I can switch back to it. This backup I'm on just drives me batty: slower than molasses in January when it isn't acting up, and no sound. None. Not even a "you've got mail" sound! My main computer has a dvd-rom on it, I could be watching movies while I crochet fer cryin' out loud! In case you're wondering why I need my computer to watch movies, that's because I presently don't own a tv. No stereo either. I wouldn't mind having a stereo, but the tv I can live without, don't miss it. When I did have one, I used it only for watching movies anyway.

My main computer went kerfluey on me back in November, thanks to my efforts at trying to fix a seriously annoying problem that I am beginning to think is unfixable (I have the same issue on this computer), it seems to be a problem originating with my service provider which naturally is inclined to insist that the problem resides in my own computer's configurations. Foolishly, I was following their suggestions in trying to eliminate my "resolving host" problems when Windows took a belly-flop and never got back up. It was a month before I got that problem fixed via my son-in-law, but by that time I was deep into my crochet and couldn't set aside the required time to get everything else reconfigured, and so it has sat here, collecting dust. Which isn't hard to do in a house with a colony of Chernobyl-style dust bunnies running around terrorizing my poor cat! Spring cleaning is seriously overdue here...

Well, once again, I managed to miss WIP Wednesday. I've been alternating working on my summer scarf project with making the Seraphina Shawl. It took me awhile to get my head wrapped around the pattern increase sequences. Even so, the pattern's not that difficult - as long as one is not plagued with a tendency to frequently forget to finishe shell stitches. I figure I've probably almost made three of these dang shawls if you count the number of stitches I've put into it (and then frogged). Wednesday, I had to rip back FIVE whole rows! Managed to get myself back to where I was when I discovered the error that required that drastic action, and then got two more rows done, almost. At which point I discovered a spot toward the beginning of the first row where instead of putting the 3dc-ch2-3dc, I'd put 3dc-ch2-1dc... *sigh*

So, for lunch today, I munched some more yarn, as I frogged the 2 rows, and I'm now again moving forward having gotten them caught up. I'm so danged nervous about my penchant for dropping multiple stitches that I keep stopping to check my shells. [knock wood], I won't be having anymore of these stupid errors.

Well, I do have a pic to post on Seraphina, but I'm practically blind with exhaustion so it will have to wait until tomorrow. So, until then!


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