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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Last week's double rainbow experience

I meant to post this last weekend but got too busy and then forgot about it, until now...

Alas, this pic isn't the greatest - it was taken with a phone camera, which was all that was on hand at the time. But this rainbow was SO spectacular that I feel you might be able to get at least a little bit of an idea even from this crappy shot, which was taken by my friend and coworker Stan. It was, I believe, Tuesday, March 29th when we had this event, shortly after a very ominous-looking but relatively meek storm passed through the area. It was late in the afternoon, nearly 6 pm (this was before the time change) and the sun burst through the clouds in the west, bathing the area in an ethereal golden glow, which I was first to notice and be awestruck. Stan spotted the rainbow first when he got up to look out the window. It was a perfect full-arched double rainbow, which we found out later from another coworker who was on the road at the time, we could only see the northern half from our office windows, and it lasted nearly a full half hour! The dark band in the middle only served to accentuate the brilliant colors. This was truly breath-taking!

Of course, none of us had our digital cameras with us that day, but Stan did have his camera phone. I did browse around on the weather underground website to see if anyone else posted a better picture of this rainbow, but couldn't find any, boo hoo! So this camera-phone shot will have to do.

There is something truly magical about rainbows!
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