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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Took these shots of my almost done afghan Thursday. One more day of waiting (till Friday) and then it's off to the yarn store for more Roccoco.
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This has to be the most frustrating feeling of all! There was just enough yarn to make it halfway past the next decrease to the top of the next point, and no more. So close, and yet so far!
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Fortunately, it is now Saturday, and I can say with great happiness that this project is now done! I will have pics to post as soon as I bring this gift to the recipient and will have a photo shoot of it in it's new home. He couldn't wait to see it and talked me into giving him a "sneak peek" earlier, while it was in the process of being washed and dried. I can also report that it came out of the dryer even softer - it's almost slippery, it's so soft! This is going to be one very cuddly afghan, perfect for curling up on a couch to watch a movie!


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