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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Misc late-night ramblings

After a bit of futzing around, I managed to get my new blog button up on the sidebar. Don't it look purdy? I just love it! For all you bloggers, feel free to download it and link to my blog!

It's been a frustratingly slow day today online. My browsing experience has been a real challenge, with the "resolving host" issue interfering for most of the day today. Some days I can go browsing around with very little in the way of these delays, and then there are some days... Today was one of those! It's been so bad that I have spent a good deal of time crocheting between page views, and other times I would get tired of waiting and go wandering off to do other things - and once even went off to take a nap! I haven't even signed into my bloglines today, it's almost not worth bothering.

This is the issue that started the slide to the crash-pond for my main computer. I had tried to get the matter addressed by SBC with the usual frustrating experience with a customer service person who's primary language was not shared by me insisting we go through the usual script and repeatedly insisting the problem resided within my computer and not with their system. Finally, one of the supposed "fixes" suggested was to uninstall and then reinstall the software that handles the connection, Enternet. With their original installation disk in hand and a bit of trepidation in my heart, I began. The uninstall went through smoothly. Now for the reinstall. I popped the disk into my drive...

...and it started up automatically, ready to begin a new installation. No matter what I tried, I could not get around it in order to access the file I needed to reinstall the one piece of software. The only options allowed were to perform a complete install of all the software, or quit. I couldn't even view the contents of the disk!

While I was struggling with that issue, something must have happened that Windows didn't like, because at around this time, I got the dreaded "blue screen of death." Subsequent reboots saw the system get worse and worse until finally, I couldn't bring up anything at all.

That was back in November, and I've been on this backup system ever since. With my son-in-law's help, I got Windows reinstalled, but I haven't had the time, patience or focus to spend the large quantities of time required to get all of my programs back on. I had gotten enough done that I should have been able to use it again, but am having yet another technical issue happening that has kept me on this backup long after I thought I'd finally be back.

I was going to try and work on it today, but I didn't manage to get around to it. Maybe tomorrow...

Phil surprised me with a gift of yarn today, which was nice as I was decidedly depressed over the fact that I had not been able to take advantage of the fantastic 50% coupons I had from JoAnns. He found it at a thrift shop, 6 CONES of it! It's all basic acrylic, but that didn't matter to me - it was YARN! Yes, I admit it - I am addicted!

As a little bonus, they had also tossed in a pattern booklet, this one was from Herschnerr's, with six lovely afghan patterns in it. He said there was more of those. He called them magazines, though who knows what else was there? I think I'm going to have to go check this shop out myself, soon!

Also at the shop was a knitting machine, available for $25!!! Oh, if only I could have squeezed that out of my budget! But then of course, I came to my senses as I realized I had nowhere in this house to set a knitting machine up anyway.

Well, I've rambled enough. I have one more post to make for tonight, this time with pics. And then I think it will be time to call it a night. I can't believe it's this late again already! Where does the time go?


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