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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

(Oh, heck with it! I tried to post the WIP Wednesday button here, but for whatever reason, it's refusing to display, only the line of code is showing up, so I'm deleting it. Maybe I'll get it figured out by next Wednesday.)

Squeeking in under the wire tonight. It's been a helluva day emotionally (and just received the disturbing news of a friend's cat dying on her suddenly and without warning - my heart goes out to you morgana) so this little diversion is welcome.

I only have one item to display for my wip projects, though it isn't the only thing going. This is the moving-right-along "Trendy Tweed Tote" I am making from the pattern in the September 2004 issue of Crochet!. It is made with one strand Homespun Nouveau and one strand Chenille Thick and Quick in Wine and Periwinkle. Below is the body of the tote, 13 more rows to finish that, then the side strips and handles. I've mostly been working on this one here and there during bad weather day lunch breaks (which are all of a half hour long). With any luck, this'll be done in about a month or so...

Image hosted by

I also have my summer scarf project in the works. All other projects are pretty much on hold until I get that done, except for the tote. In the next few days, I want to put a list together of all my wims (now that's gonna be an impressive list!), in the process of reviewing my yarn stash for this list, I may even see about getting a pic or two (or...) of it posted.

Hopefully by next Wednesday, I will have some new wips to report - I hope so! There are several I've been itching to move from the wim list to the wip list. Okay, deadline is running down, gotta post this puppy!


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