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Sunday, April 03, 2005

This is it! Today's the day...

I grab myself by the ears and force myself to figure out this thing with blogs and links and buttons and things. I just need to spend a little time, focusing and concentrating, and not allowing myself to get distracted by other things...

I am a member of Crochetville, and I want everybody to know about it! It's probably the greatest little forum I've ever had the pleasure of frequenting, and I'm making lots of great new friends there. But to look at my blog, you would never know it! I especially need to learn how to snag those cute little buttons for the swaps I'm participating in, not to mention those for the blogs of other Crochetville members that I often visit, as well as links to my favorite sources for yarns and patterns and all things crochet. It's not that hard, I know it's not. So I will take the time I need to get this figured out, and then do it!

I've whined enough about my lack of time. I'm no busier than anybody else, in fact others are much more busy than I! I just need to overcome my easy distractibility and stay focused to the task at hand until I get it done!

Today is definitely the day!


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