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Friday, April 08, 2005

Tried to post this earlier...

Okay, so I twice tried to post this to my blog via remote emailing, and it just would not make it through. So I sent this to myself at home, and will now (keeping fingers crossed) post it directly. Because I want to keep the feelings I had when I wrote this intact, I will not make any changes to it. I may not get to the picture-taking session until tomorrow, as I'm running out of gas (stayed up waaay too late last night, filling out the form to join the Summer Secret Pals Swap, silly me), though I will definitely have them up presto quicko!

Here's what I tried to post:
Just got back from the Fedex facility, where my package from Jackie was sitting, burning a hole in my mind, lol! Jackie, you sweetie! Not only did I receive the 4 balls of incredibly beautiful thread I was anticipating, but also a strand of the lovely green AND a strand of coral pearl beads, a steel crochet hook (suitable, I am sure, for working with this thread) AND one of her lovely crocheted flower bracelets! I am SPEECHLESS! Since I am wearing a bright pink poncho over a turquoise striped white blouse, the bracelet immediately found it's way to my wrist, and I will be wearing it proudly all day today. I KNOW I will be receiving lots of comments about it, too. Pics tonight, I promise! Thank you SO MUCH Jackie - you really brightened my day with these lovely little surprises!


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