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Friday, May 06, 2005

The Bright Spot in my day

In spite of all the frustrating things that have been going on lately, I had a wonderfully cool thing happen today. At the risk of causing total embarrassment, I have to tell this!

I'm a fortunate gal in that my daughter and I work at the same company and usually spend our lunch break together. Most of the time we spend that break walking, as she is on a weight reduction program and I tend to live too sedentary a life, so the walking is good for us. But I haven't yet been able to master crocheting while walking (of course I've tried!), and there are few other opportunities for me to crochet during the day. So I've been talking her into just sitting in the complex courtyard or in the deli during our half hour more often than not, so I can get some crocheting done.

Today, we sat and crocheted together! What a neat feeling it was to have my daughter sharing an interest of mine! A few co-workers even commented on it too, lol! All this time, I've been showing her what I'm doing and explaining the various stitches and mentioning little tips and tricks, but not really expecting her to be absorbing any of it, I was mostly just chattering about my favorite topic. But she's been paying attention all along, and passing some of it on to her best friend, who decided to pick up crocheting too. And she finally decided to join us in the fun! She's doing a great job of learning too. She may not know it, but she gave me a great little mother's day gift today!


  • At 7:49 PM, Blogger Sara said…

    *sniff* what I wouldn't give to have my daughter want to crochet. stupid 15 year olds. LOL!


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