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Friday, May 06, 2005

Crawling toward the weekend (hope I make it!)

Well, I am sooo tired I can't even think straight enough to figure out how to get these dang pictures I wanted to post up on my blog tonight! I'd taken some of them Tuesday but wasn't satisfied with them so I had a second photo-shoot yesterday, and by the time I moved them off the camera to my computer and resized them, it was just too late for me to get them uploaded to photobucket and beyond. So I finally got that done, and now I'm having trouble remembering which line of code is supposed to be used. I really need to get some sleep tonight! Tomorrow's Friday (TGIF!!!), so I think I will hold off until then. I've hardly had the chance to crochet more than a few stitches here and there all week, so I will go finish setting up for the last day of the week and then crochet myself to sleep.

And, of course, I'm woefully behind at Crochetville too. Folks have been yakking up a storm there, and I just haven't been able to keep up. That too is on my "to-do" list, which for this weekend is extra long! I missed WIP Wednesday again, but since I'm still working on my scarf swap projects, there's not really anything else I could display for it yet. All other projects are on hold until I get this done.

Oh yeah, note to my blog-helping angels: hopefully I'll get a chance to play around with those formatting issues again this weekend. I also still have to get working on my main computer, it's reaching critical mass as this one has so many problems it's driving me batty. It's become intolerable and is partially responsible for why I'm running so far behind in everything, it's all taking extra long

Okay, I'm on the verge of falling out of my chair! See ya on the other side of the weekend! Oh, and Rebecca? Don't hold your breath - I doubt I'll be finding that clone any time soon. I've been looking for years, still no sightings!


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