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Sunday, May 08, 2005

I hate Sunday nights

probably almost as much as I hate Mondays! That's because it leads into Monday. It's also because the weekend has slipped by and I haven't gotten anywhere NEAR the amount of items crossed off my to-do list as I wanted, and lately it's mostly been none. Still swimming through the molasses of this damn depression, it just seems to suck all the motivation and energy out of me. I haven't had an episode this bad in over 8 years. The only difference from before that I can see is that I am not spending all my time sleeping as I did before, in fact I'm chronically short of sleep on a routine basis. But for all I manage to get accomplished, I might as well be sleeping!

But that's gonna change. Although I managed to (again) procrastinate my way through the weekend and didn't get to this (though I told myself a million times I must), I will get the research completed by tomorrow, or Tuesday at the latest, to start myself on a flower essence formula again. It was because of the flower essences that I was able to get off the antidepressants 8 years ago and not have any depressive episodes. I know they can help me again, but I just couldn't get my rear in order to do the homework necessary to figure out what the core triggers are in order to put a formula together. Just thinking about doing it gives me a boost of hopefulness. I've seen miracles occur with these gentle little formulas! For the curious, a great place to learn about this form of alternative healing is the Flower Essence Society. For me, they are a much better alternative than taking powerful drugs that are known to carry considerable risks (and more continues to be revealed about how risky they are, and how their makers have done everything to keep that information from us - when I am back in my game, I will dig up and post some links for info that I have about this).

On a much brighter note, I think I have finally broken out of my slump, crochet-wise. After starting my scarf project over again on Friday night, I am now happy to report that I am 75% of the way done! WOO HOO! I am totally thrilled! I must note, however, that the scarf still tends to work up in a rather slanted manner, though not as pronounced (and the extra chains on the one side makes for a nice straight edge to match the other), this is due to the clustering pattern of the stitches and may be more (or less) pronounced for you, depending on your tension. This may be resolved once the edging is stitched into place, but blocking may still be necessary.

Well, as usual, it has taken me over an hour to put this post together (while running off every now and then to take care of those last-minute end of the weekend chores) and it is now officially Monday! Still have a few more things to wrap up and then I have no other choice but to go to bed and hope I sleep well, and wake up ready for whatever challenges this week will bring. I am starting it out with a big one: tomorrow I am to have one of my front teeth pulled and a bridge affixed. Now THERE'S something to look forward to with anticipation! The only consolation (and this will be totally dependent on how I feel when I climb out of that dentist chair) is that there is a Hobby Lobby right across the street from my dentist...

Here's hoping it's a positive, uneventful week for all!


  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger Sara said…

    I've always struggled with depression. Now I'm beginning to learn that I am very affected by food..rather, all the chemical crap they put in packaged foods. I do best when I'm eating organic, fresh and few pre-packaged foods. The hard thing is when I get time crunched and end up on a junk spree.

  • At 8:40 PM, Blogger goldi said…

    The hardest part for me is not having much money, which makes it hard to eat healthy. The good stuff is durned expensive! Not feeling like cooking because it's too much trouble to cook for one doesn't help either! Luckily, Mr. Phil often fills in that gap, and he cooks VERY healthy, though not organic. Heavy on the fresh produce though.

    I'm still struggling, though I'm not going to talk about it as much on my blog anymore - I only end up worrying that people won't want to visit such a "downer" place. Thanks for the thoughts, though - I really appreciate them!


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