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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Questions questions (answers answers!)

I had filled out my answers to the "Questions questions" thread over on Crochetville - yikes! - over a month ago, with the plan to also post it here, but being the good little flake that I am, I never got around to it - until now! I'd wandered into that forum area this morning with the thought that maybe it would be fun to fill out some of the many questionaires and ran across my post in this thread, where I said I was also going to post my answers here. So, a tad on the tardy side, here it is. I had to laugh when I saw it. I probably have the longest answers to the questions of anybody there! I've never been known for my brevity, though - if one word is adequate to explain things, a hundred are even better, lol!

As I answer some of the others (or run across ones I've answered in the past and don't remember doing so), I will also try to get them posted here, for easier reference for those who may be devoted fans (disengaging tongue from cheek now!)...

Thread is here:

What's your fav. hot drink... coffee tea or chocolate? Definitely coffee, I'm especially addicted to espresso with lots of hazelnut coffee creamer and milk to soften it up. But I can only drink it in the am now. I love hot chocolate too, but never think to buy any for myself. And I'm slowly getting back into the tea thing, for afternoons and evenings, since coffee doesn't help my insomnia lately.

What color is most prominent in your closet? None, lol! I have an equal distribution of colors in my wardrobe so that I have a choice depending on what mood I'm in on any given day. I will say, though, that two colors seem to crop up most often in my daily choices: greens and purples, often both. I love playing with color in my wardrobe, am known for it in fact. Oh yes, a third frequent choice is all shades of orange, especially those of the "fruity" variety (peach, melon, etc).

Favorite candy? Snickers, Mounds & Almond Joy, Reeses Peanutbutter cups. Anything chocolate, really. I LOVE dark chocolate, especially, but those are usually the premium candies.

Favorite scents for potpouri, candles etc.? Patchouli and Sandalwood are faves (just call me a throwback, lol!), I love florals and herbals, not too much into the fruity scents but I LOVE cinnamon. My hands-down favorite of all, though is Nag Champa - magnolia. It's heavenly. I have tons of incense, particularly in that scent, but I long ago used up the soap and massage oil that came with the pack I bought (sob!). I've just GOT to get my hands on some more of that oil! I like to mix it in with unscented lotion and use it as an after-bath moisturizer, and that becomes my "perfume" of the day.

What color is your kitchen, liv. room bath decorated in? Living in a rented house filled with an eclectic mix of mostly second-hand furniture, I haven't really had much opportunity or motivation to do any serious decorating. Space is a major premium (it feels like I live in a tiny box, I'm the kind of gal that needs lots of space) and spring cleaning of the deep sort is on my agenda once I get my huge houseplants out of the way (they spend summers outdoors). The only rooms with a clear color scheme are the bathroom and my bedroom. Bathroom is a tiny closet of a room with pale yellow walls. I used light yellow green tan and blue accessories to soften it up and make it feel roomier than it is, with a "seashore" kind of theme. [blog version only: to give you an idea what I mean by "tiny", if I were to lie down in my bathroom with my head pressed against the side of the tub, my feet would be over the doorway into the hall! That's small! And I have a postage-stamp sized sink with no "lip" to set things on, except for a very small area on either side of the faucet. Washing my face in this sink can be hazardous to my forehead - I've whacked it on the faucet too many times to count when trying to splash water on my face and avoid throwing it all over the room.] My bedroom has a spring floral theme, with coordinating bed linens & curtains that are yellow orange and red florals on a natural creamy-white background, my splurge last spring. All other rooms are pretty much "anything goes".

What color is the interior of your car? lavender-beige

What size and how many hooks do you have? I inherited a ton of hooks from my mil when she died nearly 20 years ago - I don't know what store she robbed, lol! I have a large assortment of aluminum hooks ranging from F through J and an even huger assortment of cheap plastic ones that are really old, these range from lots of E's and F's up to J, the ones who's imprints I can still read (many are worn off) identify them as Boye, with the price stamped on the hook: 29¢ and 45¢! I also have an encased set of steel hooks. To this collection, I have recently added aluminum sizes B through E plus K through N, which I was missing, and a set of the crystalite hooks in both the regular and larger sizes. I also picked up one double-ended hook in size G from a clearance rack at Michaels. I would dearly like to get that set of Tunisian hooks that I've seen at Annie's Attic though I suspect it can be had for a cheaper price. I'm also dying to wrap my hand around one of those gorgeous TOTC hooks as well as some of the other neat novelty hooks and handles I've seen discussed on the forum. I'm also in need of some holders for my hooks, been using pencil cases for them, which works, but... I would also like to acquire the larger hooks (P and Q) which I don't have. Did I leave anything out? LOL!

On a rather hilarious side note, along with the crochet hooks I got from my dear mil were a huge assortment of very thin double-pointed "sticks" which no one in the family could figure out what they were supposed to be or used for. It's only recently that I've figured out what they were - knitting needles used for circular knitting! The kids and I used them for games of "pick up sticks", ROTFLMAO! Wish I still had those now... I do have one set still in the package (thank goodness, or I wouldn't know what size they were) that I just noticed while browsing through my hook collection. Here it is, nearly 20 years later, and I'm still discovering new things about the stuff I inherited! Oh yes, I also have a tatting shuttle, which I have no clue how to use, thanks to that grand lady. She was into crafts of all kinds, and known for her extreme generosity. All of the knitting stuff (pick-up sticks excluded, lol!) went to my sil, who was the knitter among us.

Does anyone in your home have allergies to pets, laundry soaps... whatever other things ppl might be allergic to. I live alone, with a cat, so the answer to that is "no".

What color do you HATE? Haven't met it yet. [adding this note to blog version only: my experience with color is that when combined and applied properly, all of them have the potential to shine. The only way to learn is by experimentation. There are some colors I won't wear - would look awful on me and don't seem to be made for wearing - but they look good in a decoration scheme. Some colors should be used sparingly as accents only, which is where they look their best. I absolutely LOVE mixing and matching colors in all situations, from dressing to decorating, to find those "magical" mixes!]

What modern technology do you use? MP3 player, cell phone, PDA, lap top etc.? Just my computer. Don't even have a TV or stereo, at present, lol! I do have a dvd player and a vhs, just nothing to hook them up to. The equipment I did have died and there's been no money (or incentive) to replace them.

What thing do you use the most in the course of your day? No question about it - my computer. I spend FAAAAR too much time on this thing, both at work and at home. Makes me worry about that nasty carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes...


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