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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Shawl!

Isis's friend Kyo, in an effort to reduce levels of stress in her life, decided to take up crocheting. She decided to make a shawl as a gift for her grandmother! With help from Isis, who had been carefully watching and listening as I worked on various crochet projects during our workday lunches, she learned how to crochet and started working on her daunting project. She completed the shawl last week, after numerous newby misadventures that I was entertained with on a regular basis, and with lots of helpful tips I conveyed through Isis as the project progressed. One thing Isis didn't know much about, other than tying ends, was fringe, since she'd never actually seen me do that part, and we hadn't discussed it. The girls spent 3 hours cutting each piece of fringe (yes, individually!), knotting and attaching them to the ends of the shawl! And trimming them, since they tended to come out in different lengths, depending on how much tension Kyo put on the thread as she was measuring it. They will know the next time to use cardboard to wrap the yarn and cut the fringe in groups, now that I've told Isis, lol! But for a first project, I think this shawl turned out spectacular and will be a worthy gift received with love!

You have something to be truly proud of, Kyo! Keep up the good work!
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