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Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend's gone

As usual, my two days of freedom have sped by, leaving me feeling frustrated with how little I managed to accomplish. I spent far too much of this weekend battling extreme sleepiness - and didn't even get a nap in edgewise. I also didn't get any meaningful crocheting done, and that frustrates me most of all! I'm hoping a good night's sleep will help, as I'm also hoping to get some overtime hours all this week (as much as I can wrestle out of 'em at work). I'll be sneaking in some crocheting every spare minute I get, and with any luck won't be spending more time frogging than stitching.

I spent a good part of today researching my secret pal, getting to know her, and I will be thinking of creative ways to enhance her life. And as soon as I can finish my obsession with the summer scarf project, I will be focusing more closely on the Bathroom & Kitchen project. I received some very helpful pics from my swappee of her kitchen today, now all I need to do is get creative.

Well, I'm practically passing out over the keyboard and it's nearly 12:30, so I'm gonna let this one fly. Hopefully I'll manage to update before next weekend! I'll try, I promise.


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