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Friday, June 17, 2005

Bernat Sweety

I'm reposting this pic by itself, with these comments in response to Deneen, who commented "That Bernat Sweety is too cool!" (Thanks Deneen!). This yarn was acquired by me over fifteen years ago, came as part of a lovely afghan kit. You'll note that there are four empty yarn bands in the picture - they are standing in for the four missing skeins (one of each color, of course) that I had started on the project with. These four skeins as well as the pattern and the squares I'd managed to crochet before becoming frustrated with a fuzzy yarn I'd never worked with before are all lost somewhere in The Pit as I call my basement. This IS some truly lovely, VERY soft yarn, and I'm not sure I will try to complete the original project (if it ever turns up) or use the yarn for something else. The band reports it to be 80% Acrylic, 10% Mohair and 10% Wool. The pattern, as I remember it, was a rose granny square afghan, will post the pic if it ever surfaces, along with the missing yarn.
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