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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Decisions Decisions...

It only took me a week, with a couple of frogging sessions to help further delay me, but I finally just finished the 4th row of the latest sequence pattern on Seraphina. The next row would see me with 25 full shells on each side of the shawl. Do I want to do another 4 rows? Or should I just fringe it, and be done now (well, okay, not "now", but... you know what I mean!). Once I start the next row, I'm committed for another 4...

I tried the shawl on, it now comes to the base of my back, just barely above the point where my backside slopes outward. I'd like it to be longer than that, but I'm not sure 4 more rows is going to make that much of a difference. In this yarn, it only adds about an inch of length. A lush 8 inch fringe could do it, though.

More thinking, more pondering...

I have enough yarn to either do more rows, plus the finishing row of sc across the top, or do the finishing row and use the rest to fringe. I don't think I have enough for both, though it's hard to tell with this laceweight yarn. If I do fringe, I want to use at least 5 or 6 strands per shell. That's 5 or 6 times 50 shells! I just did the math to calculate how much yarn it would require for the fringe I have in mind: at five 16" pieces per shell, I would need a little over 111 yards of yarn, a quarter of a hank. I don't know how many yards 4 rows of the pattern stitches will use, but I'm willing to bet I won't have a quarter of a hank left over by then, especially when factoring in the finishing row across the (very long) top of the shawl.

Well, after thinking long and hard about it, I think I will go ahead with 4 more rows, and see where that leads me. For a short while, when I was almost convinced to stop now and fringe it, I felt a lifting - I so want to be finished with this project! Not that it's not an enjoyable project, in fact I have plans to make many more! But I've been at it for 3 weeks now, exclusively, obsessively... And I have other projects screaming for attention, and yarn piling up all over the place, begging for my attention! Speaking of which, that will be the topic of my next post, this yarn addiction of mine...

Okay, I'm giving it one more week. Hopefully, I will be able to make better (and faster) progress on this next 4 rows, since I won't be working overtime this week, so I won't be working on it in the wee hours when I tend to go somewhat unconscious on my feet (or my butt, actually) and then make stupid mistakes which have to be ripped out the next day. You sure don't get much progress that way!

Tomorrow is promising to be another busy day for me (I think I will write about today, next - okay, so I've just noticed that we somehow slipped out of today when I wasn't looking and are now in tomorrow. As far as I'm concerned, it's still today until I go to bed, and it won't be tomorrow until I wake up!). There's the lawn mowing that needs to be done (weather-willing, there's rain in the forecast), laundry needing my attention, the seasonal clothes shifting which I started last weekend and then ran out of time to finish, resulting in piles of clothes all over the living room in addition to my bed. And Phil is expecting me for dinner and a movie. I might be able to get some crocheting done while watching the movie, but I will have to check my work frequently if I do try. He prefers to watch movies in total darkness, going for that movie theater effect. Always did drive me nuts, because I couldn't see to do anything that way. At least now he's willing to compromise and have a light on, but set low, and I need a LOT of light to work this project, to see where to place my hook. That's a problem with very thin yarns, the holes you're working with tend to be very small.

At any rate, what I'm driving at is that I don't want to get my hopes up of making huge leaps of progress tomorrow. I know I had grand ambitions last weekend - and it was a 3 day weekend, to boot! I think I got about 3 rows completed in the entire weekend! Well, maybe it was more, but that's what it felt like!

Okay, enough of my ramblings - I do write the looooong posts, don't I? I think I'll wrap this up for tonight and get started on that next row before I finally succumb to the need for sleep. I'll write about today tomorrow... Oh yeah, and one last quick post to follow this one (I did mention I would be doing it).

(Editing note: I could have sworn those last two paragraphs were "normal size" when I posted this early this morning! Blogger's messin' with me! Hopefully it'll stick this time.)


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