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Friday, June 17, 2005

Flashin' the Stash - starting out

These two pics represent my "starting" stash when I picked up my crochet hook again last fall. Some of it (the threads in particular) have a "smell" problem from having spent quite a bit of time in a dank musty basement, despite being in a plastic container, not sure what I will do about those yet. I'm hoping I can salvage them, as they are otherwise "brand new", even if they are over 15 years old!

These pics, and the ones about to follow, represent the part of my stash that was tucked around my "craft chair" in the living room. I did hold some yarn back for a later photo-op, as I am trying to at least loosely organize these piles for inventory purposes along with the flaunting. I still have two more rooms to mine for this project!
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  • At 7:08 AM, Blogger Deneen said…

    That Bernat Sweety is too cool!

    My LR, around my chair, looks like a fiber/paper/hook bomb went off every day. I would never take pics of my stash cause I would be embarrassed at the sense of disarray it's in. It's bagged up baby yarn, cotton, wool, regular yarn, cones, etc, but all over my bedroom. It's in rubbermaid totes, plastic zipper bags, boxes, trash bags, etc. My five year old said to me last week, "Your room would look so much nicer if you threw away the garbage that was in it", now it's not garbage, but yarn. Ugh, she's right, I must organize.

  • At 10:33 AM, Blogger goldi said…

    LOL! You've just described MY house, perfectly - we must be twins! It took me hours to get all those yarns out of their bags, totes, crates etc (I even have a woven picnic hamper stuffed with bags of yarn by my chair) and sorted out for their photo-op. Also found a bunch of WIPS and UFOs I had conveniently forgotten about, took pics of a few of the major ones. Doing this exercise is helping me to reorganize the mess, and I'm finding yarn I forgot I had, too. It's fun - I recommend it!


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