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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Well, I guess this is what happens after you spend 3 days doing nothing but sleeping at the beginning of a vacation. Here it is, 4 am, and I am sitting like a zombie in front of my computer! I feel like I just polished off a whole pot of coffee, even though I only had a total of 3 cups yesterday, most of it before noon. Meeps on the prowl tonight, just had to go break up a catfight a few moments ago. She had some poor little black cat cornered by the side of garage. And here I'm worrying about her? I oughta know better by now, I've seen her kick kitty butts twice her size, fer cripes sake! She is very territorial. So here I am, out there running around in my tie-dyed leggings and leather slippers with a big flashlight in the early morning hours, chasing after two cats, one of 'em mine, lol! Kinda glad the neighbors are all sawing logs right now!

I s'pose I can go try to crochet myself to sleep, but that's usually not too good for the crochet, probably end up having to frog it when I get back up. I've got so much to do today too! Yesterday, I didn't get much accomplished, and I blamed it on not getting to sleep until after dawn, and then being up at 9 - I find it hard to sleep much past that point anymore. Gone are the days of sleeping past noon, they're a far distant memory now! And now it's looking like we'll be having a repeat episode. But dangit! I'm still gonna get those cleaning projects off the ground, even if I have to tank myself up with a double-espresso later this morning! It's THURSDAY already, and my vacation is fast running down. Can you tell I'm going into full-blown PANIC mode? You betcha!

Well, the birds are chirping, and the dawn is breaking over the eastern sky already. Just saw an early-bird neighbor leaving for work. Under normal circumstances I would be wondering how in the world do they do that? I'm no early-bird, just a night-owl who's overextended herself...

Well, hopefully later I will get some pics posted. I found the driver I needed to get the pics off my camera to the computer, but now I have to locate the software I use to resize the images for sharing before I upload them to my photobuckets account. Someday maybe I'll get all my software reinstalled on this durn computer! I'll tell ya, going through a full reformat can be a real pain in the nether regions! Especially when you're as disorganized as I've become in the last few years. At any rate, one of the things I thought I'd try to do is inventory my stash, or some of it at least, and maybe do a little bit of flashing for you voyeurs out there! Due to a bit of budget shifting, it's looking good for me to be able to do just a bit of yarn shopping this week, both for myself and for my swaps. I am looking forward to things starting to ease up a bit for me, finance-wise, starting next month with the opening of overtime season at work. So then I'll get to trade whines - my current "short on money" one for the new "short on time" whine! I'm never satisfied unless I have something to whine about, lol!

Okay, gonna go ahead and post this, and then go crawl into bed with my hook and ball of yarn, see if I can finally lull myself to sleep for a few hours at least. Signs are encouraging, I'm actually starting to yawn! Need to go cultivate this...


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