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Friday, June 17, 2005

Just got back from my local JoAnns

They are trying, they really are - and they had loads of yarn I was interested in getting from their clearance racks. I had seen these the other day but didn't buy because - they are having a HUGE 2-day sale! Today and tomorrow, ALL red-stickered clearance items are 50% OFF the STICKERED price! I walked out of there with 11 balls of Lion Boucle at $1.50 each, and 4 skeins of Lion Thick & Quick Chenille at $2.50 each! Others had cleaned out most of the Lily Sugar N Cream I would have wanted, I only found the 2 lonely Supersize balls below at seventy-five cents each. The Patons Cha Cha was a nice $1.50 per ball, and the baby yarns were $1 apiece. PLUS, I had a 50% off coupon on one item (used it on the featured pillow in this pic, walking away with it at $4.99), a 40% off coupon for another item (which I applied to one of the balls of the JoAnns Catalina) AND a $5 off over $25 purchase applied to this little stash enhancement effort! 28 balls of yarn, a large pillow and another item (not pictured) cost me a little over $50... It's a bit more than I meant to spend, but I have no doubt I certainly got my money's worth!
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  • At 5:10 PM, Blogger Deneen said…

    Ack! The Catalina was on clearance??? It's soooooo pretty. My Joanns has about 10 rows of yarn, that's it. Some of their yarns (not all, no Rainbow Boucle) and Red Heart. They have the fun furs and Cha cha, but that's it. Never on clearance either! Plus, they stopped sending me coupons and emailing me-rat bastards!

  • At 5:44 PM, Blogger goldi said…

    No no - the Catalina wasn't on clearance, or on sale either. That was my "coupon" purchase, I just couldn't resist the stuff, so pretty!

    If they dropped you from mailings and emailings, I'd go kick their butt! Be sure and keep an eye on your spam folder regularly, though - I know a lot of stuff I'm expecting seems to end up there, even when I add the address to my address book (which is supposed to signal it's not spam), it STILL ends up in the spam folder - very annoying!

    I'm still trying get the mailers, though. I signed up again, today, though this was the first time from this store, so we'll see. Their current magazine has a page of coupons which are good for both local and online shopping, you might want to see if it's worth the $5 investment to get it. The coupons are good till the end of July. I used 2 of them on today's purchase, along with a flyer coupon...

  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger CraftyCritter said…

    Goldi...I went to Joanns too and I got to say I feel no guilt buying a bit extra, the prices were just too good to pass up...besides there are always gifts to give....Wonder what I will find tomorrow!!!? Nice buys!!!!I missed out on the baby yarn someone got there before me....and a lady behind me took ALL the sugar and cream(luckily I snagged two balls)....slim pickin tomorrow me thinks!

  • At 7:52 PM, Blogger goldi said…

    Yeah, I got there a bit later than I'd intended, and alot of the clearance bins were cleaned out already. There were lots of older gals there scooping up the RHSS as fast as they could, lol, so I didn't have as much competition for stuff like the LB boucle and chenille. I was lucky to snag those two balls of SNC too, surprised I even found those, lol! Surprisingly, there was a lot of baby yarn still available, so I guess the working gals will still get their chance tomorrow. I'm so glad I got to take advantage of this sale, I usually get shafted since I would have been one of those working gals if I wasn't on vacation this week! But it's gone and busted my budget again, lol! I barely have enough left to place that Knitpicks order I need to make (as soon as I can finish deciding what I can wait for, lol!)


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