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Saturday, June 18, 2005

More More More!

The yarns pictured here coming out of my raffia basket and stacked up next to it was a thrift store haul, a couple of real mixed bags! All acrylic, ranging from delicate baby pompadour up to rug yarn. Most of them will probably end up in granny squares sometime down the road.
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And on the other side of the sofa, we have our little stash of Lion Microspun and some lovely ladder yarns, yum! I'm not sure what I will do with the ladder yarns, though. I've discovered rather quickly that I have a deep learning curve to work past in order to do anything with them! I suspect I will have to pair them up with a strand of regular yarn in order to be able to work with it - I found it absolutely impossible to work it by itself the first time I tried it. The scarf idea got scrapped immediately, lol! If anybody's got any hints and tips they'd like to share, I'd dearly love it!

Oh, the unmarked orange and green balls sitting on top of the microspun pyramid are the two balls of DMC Senso cotton I bought and handwound into what I thought would be center-pull skeins - until I learned the hard way that threads just don't work too well that way. I should've left them alone, but alas, it's too late! When I decide what I might like to do with these, I will rewind them onto tp rolls and hopefully will avoid the tangling issue that way.
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This is the shot of all of it together...
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