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Thursday, June 16, 2005

My baby's first major Crochet project!

Sure looks better than the potholder I made so many years ago, lol! This is my daughter's wip, near completion as of this photo.

At 28, she is fortunately comfortable with me calling her my baby!
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This was a quick picture set-up at work last Thursday, as she was even busier than I was that day. That globe you see in the background is the window into our company's president's office, lol! Good thing he's such a tolerant guy!
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The project is an afghan made from - what else? - Homespun, she held a strand each of two colors together and worked it with a P hook. Next week, I will help her to weave in the ends. This gal is a quick learner, folks! I'm pretty proud of her! We also learned from this project that not all Homespun skeins are of equal length, she kept running out of one or the other color before it's companion strand was depleted. I also learned that hard lesson when working on Phil's ripple-ghan a few months ago. Guess they go by weight and not yardage in determining the size of these skeins, which can vary depending on the colors and dye saturation levels. At least that's what I'm guessing, though I'm not real pleased about it. Neither was she, as it created a LOT more ends for her to weave in.


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