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Friday, June 03, 2005

My how the time flies!

I haven't posted anything to my blog for quite some time now, must remedy this! There's been good reason - life's been happening, and dragging me along with it. I can barely keep up, yikes!

Worked looooong hours for the past week and a half, and spent most of every spare minute I could grab working on my Seraphina - and unfortunately not getting as far as I would have hoped. A big downside to crocheting when you're tired is you make lots of silly mistakes, for which you end up paying by undoing most of your previous night's progress. Today, it was an entire ROW because, even though I had been diligent at checking all my shells to make sure they were complete, I didn't think to check my "baby" shell in the increase zone. I'd never screwed up in THAT area before, so it didn't occur to me that there's always a first for everything. Yup, that first was today. Despite my exhaustion, I had managed to make it through a half a row (all 23 shells of it) after working the increase on the near side of the center line, and got almost halfway through the first half of the next row. Today at lunch I pulled everything out, eager to finish that row! Worked my way rapidly through the second quarter and then I was back at said increase zone. Only to find my baby shell which, this being the fourth row of the sequence series, should have been two dc-ch2-2 dc, was actually 2 dc-ch2-1 dc! Grrrr!

For a few moments, I seriously contemplated just fudging it instead of frogging, but seeing as how I've ripped back to redo all my errors (save one very small one that I dare you to find!), I just couldn't in good conscience ignore that missing dc. Ripping out a whole row seemed like it would be a daunting task, and also meant I wouldn't be able to sneak in any stitches during afternoon breaks, but then I got a smart idea - have my daughter help me! She rolled up the frogged yarn as I ripped, and with only a couple of snagged areas to gently work loose, we had the two half-rows ripped out in a matter of minutes, with the yarn all neatly rolled back onto my ball.

Unfortunately, my afternoon was so busy that there was no time to pull out the crocheting again, and I didn't leave work until 8 pm - only to arrive to find Phil here. He just left a few moments ago. After awhile, I just pulled out my shawl and started working on it while he talked (Mr. yakkity-yak tonight!), and though I will have to carefully review what I accomplished in that time, I've managed to get a quarter row done already! Once I post this, I'm off to see if I can at least approach my goal of finishing this 4 row series before the week is over. I had been hoping to get double that done, but I just didn't have enough time to do it. I had thought I would get more done last weekend, being a three-day holiday weekend, but two out of the 3 days were a bust, with a visit to mom's on Sunday and Phil coming to barbeque on Monday, plus some seriously needed computer repairs/maintenance gobbling up the rest of that last day off.

I had thought I would at least have this next two days free and unfettered (to a degree, chores still need doing), but I got a call from mom today. She wants me to come over again this weekend and install her small window air conditioner, and do a bit of shopping for her. Due to female complaints, I hadn't been able to do the a/c install last weekend, as I couldn't do any heavy lifting.

Okay, I wasn't planning on trying to catch up my whole missed time since my last post in this one! So I'll save the rest for later. Seraphina is calling me...


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