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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Nearing the end - the Baby Stash

This pile would be even bigger if I included the yarns I picked up this weekend from JoAnns, as well as the ones which are already in WIP status. I have taken pictures of some of those WIPS while I was taking this inventory, will post them tomorrow. Some of the other piles I've posted pictures of also had baby yarn in them but they were either from my original stash or, in one case, have been assigned to a project just waiting to become a WIP (that one has the pattern pic
sitting next to it at the top of the heap, a little boy's sweater in yellow with blue trim). This stack is my more recent acquisition, picked up on sale (at Hobby Lobby, I believe) a couple of months ago. These are some of the brightest and prettiest baby yarn colors, aren't they? The 3 pale ones at the bottom of the heap are a light yellow fleck, which goes with the blue fleck skeins I picked up today. Next chance I get (when I find this yarn on sale again), I want to get the green, I like it the best of the flecked yarns.

I see some baby afghans and sweaters and things coming from this pile...
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