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Sunday, June 19, 2005

A quick break

I'm going to try my best not to get lost on this dang computer (again), as I take a short break from my kitchen-cleaning project (my house looks like a bomb went off in it, stuff everywhere!).

Regarding the WIPs post I just made, I just wanted to add a little comment regarding that second one, the sweater set. The tote bag you see being pressed into service for this project is one I received from my mom - yup, she made that! It's a very nifty little tote, just the right size for a medium-sized project such as this one (the extra yarn supply is kept in it's box until needed), and it has a roomy little outer pocket to keep my hook and pattern, and other little miscellaneous tools, in. Mom does great work on these totes, it's one of her favorite things to make.

And speaking of mom, in related news, I received a phone call today from my dear foster-sister Yasmine (I confirmed the spelling of her name with her, so now I know I've got it right). It was wonderful to get a chance to speak with her again, I'm hoping we will be able to keep in touch much more frequently from now on! She discussed some ideas she has for helping mom out with me. She remains grateful for all the wonderful things my mom did for her as a small child and would like to find some way to thank her in a meaningful way, and her idea is certainly meaningful! I won't go into details on this (not that mom would ever even see this, not even having a computer - which she wouldn't even know what to do with if she did, lol!), suffice to say that the generosity of the offer took my breath away! I have some research to do on my end to see if what she has in mind can be done. I will probably recruit Isis to help me out with this. I'd like to get her more involved with her gramma anyway.

I now have Yasmine's email address recorded in my address book, so I can keep in touch with her via email as well, and of course will be sharing the link to this blog too! (Hi Yasmine!). Lucky gal - she will be spending the summer in Europe (an annual event, according to her) visiting her brother, hopefully she'll still be able to check her email while she's overseas.

Phil came by for a brief visit on his way to the Y for a workout, and I immediately put him to work, lol! He helped me get my "thread-board" set up by predrilling the holes through the base and the dowels, but I still have some more finishing work to do on it before I can consider it "done". I can't understand why, but as soon as he was done with that, he was outta here! LOL! Do you think he might have been afraid I'd find another little project he could help me with? At any rate, he's invited me over for dinner. It will depend on how much I manage to accomplish here whether I will be able to leave to go eat, though. Since tomorrow it's back to work, I am in my usual "end of (fill in the blank)" frenzy, trying to have something to show for this week off. Unfortunately, it won't be much. Losing that 3 days at the beginning really wrecked it for me, and it was far too easy to fritter my time away online than get anything seriously accomplished after that. But I will refrain from beating myself over the head about it - and just get back to work!

On my next break, I will post the promised "grand finale" shot of my stash. For those who may have been following this, have you noticed any particular yarn that has been conspicuously absent from all these shots? Hmmm, wonder what it could be?

Stay tuned, and you'll soon find out, lol! Okay, back to work!


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