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Sunday, June 12, 2005

"Resolving host"

After screwing around for eight whole months, on two different computers mind you, trying to solve the mystery of my "resolving host" issues, I have finally come to the frustrating conclusion that the problem resides with my service provider and not with my systems, or the software used to connect me to said provider. If anything, the problem seems even worse than ever! I had two brief and massively frustrating phone consults with the wonderful "customer service" people from far across the world about this and came to the conclusion that they were clueless about it. But I will try again, now that I am off work for a week, with the hope that if I ring up customer service during a weekday, I might get lucky and actually speak to someone more local. But from asking around, I get the distinct impression that the problem resides in the fact that my service provider has a "piggybacked" set-up, due to the fact that the provider I originally signed up with was bought up by a bigger fish. I've been told by a gal who's husband actually works for the company that many folks have had this problem with connectivity and that there is no resolution for it. Due to my budget, my options are limited, not to mention the massive headache of shifting my many subscriptions from this email address I've had for 3 years now to a new one. My contract is up this coming September, and I'd been paying for a supposedly higher speed connection but have never benefited from it due to this resolving host issue, which tends to freeze everything for anywhere from 30 seconds to up to FIVE MINUTES! It affects everything from email downloads and uploads to webpage loading, some days it hardly happens at all, but those days are rare.

I nearly wrecked my good computer following their advice regarding uninstalling and reinstalling their stupid connection software (that's a long story all by itself), and due to time constraints and other niggling little problems encountered along the way, I spent most of the past 8 months on my backup computer without benefit of sound and a host of other things most of us take for granted before I could get this one up and running again. And I still have a bunch of odds and ends to clean up to get all my programs working again!

It's probably going to be a few more days, too, before I can even think of tackling these things. I've been down with what feels like a flu bug the last few days (nice way to start a vacation), and I can't even stay upright for more than short periods of time. Figured I'd grab one of these periods to try and update my blog so no one thinks I fell off the face of the earth (though I feel like I did). Thanks to the constant "resolving host" message I get whenever I try to do anything, not much is getting done in these short periods. So I figured I'd try and compose a few messages and then post them as I can.

I have a few pics to post, but one of those little odds and ends I need to do is to find the driver needed to hook up my camera to my computer so I can download the pics from it. If I could just remember what it was called, I could pull it from my backup drive. Otherwise, it's time to hunt for the disk that came with the camera (now where did I put that thing?) and install it from there. Problems, always problems! I still haven't located the first disk of the 2-disk set that came with all the essential software for using my dvd player/writer! I found #2, but I haven't got a clue where #1 went, and naturally it's the one I need. I'm so organized I could scream. Oh well, I'm sure there are worse things in life...

Now, if I would just feel better! I haven't got time to be sick!


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