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Sunday, June 19, 2005

So, has everbody had enough?

It seems some of you have! Deneen left me a comment which included the entreaty: "Enough already!" and also stated "Stop making me drool over the Bernat Sox yarn and trellis yarn too!!! You are absolutely killing me!"

Well, it certainly wasn't my intention to be shortening people's lifespans over this but sorry Deneen - I just can't help it, lol! I will try to shorten your misery by wrapping up this flash session tonight, only two more to go. On second though, maybe I'll post the next one and save the grand finale for tomorrow, in honor of my last day of vacation. I suppose I should warn you, that last one's a doozy! I kinda knew what I was going to end up with, but it still blew me away, lol! We will see. I'm taking a short break from some work I'm trying to get done (gotta get back to it!), will see how I feel later. For now, I'll just post the next one and let it hold center stage on my blog for a piece.

What are you making with the Microspun? So far, I've only made a scarf with it (one of my Summer Scarf Swap scarves, combined with the Paton's Cha Cha), I didn't have any problem with it, but I was using a big hook, and I did notice that splitting was a potential problem. Both the Sox and the trellis yarns were markdowns. I got the Sox from JoAnns (another "clearance" item) and the Trellis is from Caron, got those for $3 apiece at Walmart.

And, on another side note - I made the fatal mistake of wandering back into my JoAnns today. I wasn't going to even look at the yarns, really I wasn't! I only wanted to see what pattern books they had, since I still had that last 50% off coupon which was only good for today burning a hole in my pocket... I really should have known better! *SIGH* Well, since two of the skeins that followed me home belong with the next stash-flash photo, I guess I'll 'fess up to my latest acquisition! Since my shop had diddly as far as good crochet books are concerned, I used my coupon to get a third ball of that fabulous-looking Catalina.

Image hosted by
I am clean out of my mind, I know! To make matters worse, after sitting up till a ridiculous hour trying to make up my mind what else to order from Knit Picks along with that hank of Shimmer I need to finish my shawl, I couldn't help but end up going $10 over my self-imposed limit on the order, and still not feeling satisfied. I just had SUCH a hard time with it! I've really been dying to get some of their cotton yarns, but I want to get enough to make an article of clothing out of it, a tank or a tee perhaps. I'd also like to make several scarves following their "stockpot" patterns, only in a crochet version, and played around with selections for that - and couldn't come up with more than one pattern's worth and stick to the budget. I'm hoping to make some samples to use for order-taking for Christmas gifts, but I guess it'll have to wait awhile. And I also want to get several of their sock yarns too. And their wool, and wool-blends - oh my!

But the two things I wanted the most of all from them, and what I ended up ordering, was more of the laceweight yarn - and some of the color-your-own yarns. I bought an additional hank of the alpaca cloud lace in Sunlight, since I have 3 and now know I will need 4 for my shawls, and I bought 4 hanks of alpaca cloud in Iris. That color sets my drool-meter to overdrive! I also ordered 3 of the worsted and 2 of the fingering-weight color-your-own yarns and may see whether I've got a talent for this process.

Soooo, thanks to my lack of self-control, I may be wringing my gastank to squeeze every last drop of fuel out of it before the next paycheck again, lol! Oh, and food? What the heck is that? I'm sure I'd have better self-control if I had other mouths than my own to feed, of course. In fact, I know I would. So, I'm not gonna waste my time berating myself over my constant insatiable cravings for yarn. Instead, I think I'll just go pet some for awhile, lol!


  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger CraftyCritter said…

    Goldi...I think we have an addiction, okay I know we do....I went back to Joanns as well yesterday...Looks like we got some of the same yarn...LOL

    Our Joanns doesnt have a very good pattern books section either...

    Hell I didn't even know what was new in the crochet book realm until I dug through Amazon yesterday for 3 hours...

    I love looking at ur stash!! Or anyones for that matter...some yarns seems to be regional etc..helps me know whats out there, you know?

    Happy flashing...hehe!

  • At 7:21 AM, Blogger goldi said…

    Hi Cordelia, yes there's no doubt about it - we have an addiction, lol!

    Until this sale, my JoAnns hardly ever even had any yarn, lol! I usually do all my JoAnns shopping at the "super-JoAnn" near my work, and I had been planning to go there for this sale, even though it's a 40 mile journey (I was on vacation all last week), but I ended up spending my yarn budget at this local shop instead.

    Glad you've enjoyed looking at my stash, and I agree it's fun to see what everybody has! It was fun to find out what I have, lol!


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