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Monday, June 27, 2005

The usual Sunday night Catchup

Well, you can tell I'm no longer on vacation, eh? A whole week since my last post, but whadda week it was! Lessee now, Monday I returned to work and spent the entire morning digging and sorting through the piles that had accumulated on my desk from the week before, finally spotted the desktop sometime around 1 pm! For some reason, when we all got to work, it was to discover that our accounting system had crashed and burned on us, so no business as usual - which was fine by me since I wasn't ready for business as usual. Except that I had one check request that absolutely had to go out that day, and so I went hunting for the old dinosaur: a typewriter. Almost forgot how to use one of those things, lol!

The accounting program woes worked to my favor Monday, as I needed to leave work early to go run some errands that I'd held off on due to trying to stretch my fuel as far as I could. I was also hoping to hit one of the gas stations I knew to be reliable in delivering at the lowest prices available in our area. On my way to the first of two errands I had to make before 6 pm, I passed a gas station near my "reliable" one that was selling gas at $2.11 - the lowest I'd seen to that point had been $2.17. Got my bottled water (10 gallons of it instead of my usual 20 since I'd cut into those funds going bananas at JoAnns on Sunday) and my oil change done and then drove by the "reliable" station - and they were selling the gas for $2.19!

I thought about driving back through Fox Lake to hit the $2.11 place, but then thought about the Citgo on 41 that I otherwise usually go to (Fox Lake is way out of my way normally), which has the car wash special - and I really really needed to wash my car too. With the car wash, their gas was $2.07 a gallon, ten cents off their regular price of $2.17 - so I decided I would do that instead. As I was driving along, I started to think about the fact that I would have to backtrack a bit to get there, and it was getting late (and I was getting tired, having only had about 3 hours of sleep the night before, my usual Sunday night insomnia) and decided I would hit it on the way in to work the next morning...

Tuesday, as I was driving to work, I started to get a real bad feeling, as I passed station after station where the gas prices had jumped 10 cents (some even more!) a gallon, and sure enough - my Citgo had jumped to $2.27 a gallon overnight! With the car wash, it would be $2.17... Since I was running late anyway, I decided again to wait, knowing that no matter what, I had to fill up on my trip home, and ended up paying over $30 for the fillup and car wash, ouch!

Tuesday, we were still without our accounting program until late in the afternoon - they'd had to recover from the Friday backup, but it still took all day to get the program operating again. I continued working on my piles, but felt scattered and unfocused, and the one and a half hour meeting in the middle of the day didn't help at all, neither did having my part-time office-mate be there to chatter and distract me. I basically had nothing much to show for my day, even though I stayed an hour extra to make up for leaving early on Monday (I had a total of 2 hours to make up, which I didn't want to take out of my PTO time).

Wednesday and Thursday each had two meetings for me to attend, as we labored to explain our refunding policies and processes to our customer service department, so they would be better able to set the refunds up properly (we'd been having a LOT of problems with that) and would know what to tell the people who call looking for their refunds "yesterday". The meetings were long overdue and desperately needed (and hopefully informative and effective), but boy they sure wrecked my schedule, seeing as how I now had nearly TWO weeks worth of work piled up on my desk - and it all has to be done by next Thursday! And Friday wasn't any better! Yet another meeting (this one a company-wide "pep rally" by upper management to let us know the company's goals and aspirations, which none of us yet feels a part of seeing as how all the talk of "profits" does not translate into anything meaningful for those of us busting our butts to make it so - boy could I go on a serious rant here!) plus the presence of my office-mate for the 4th consecutive day served to continue helping me to not be able to focus and concentrate. And I was NOT feeling well, in fact hadn't been feeling well for most of the week. Perhaps the heat had somewhat to do with it, combined with the usual shift in my hormonal cycle, suffice it to say that I was feeling pretty miserable, especially Thursday and Friday.

So, the sum total of my work week was a whole lot of running around and frenzied activity - with little to show for it! And that pretty well sums things up for my personal life as well - at least in the area that mattered most to me: my crocheting! I did manage to continue with some of my housecleaning/reorganizing projects, even though it wasn't a huge amount, it kept the momentum going. At least until Thursday, when I felt too awful to do anything at all, and besides the house was like a furnace, despite the strategic placement of my many fans. I couldn't spend much time at all on the computer, as this room was the hottest of all!

And I've been scrambling like mad to get my Bathroom and Kitchen swap items done. Until this weekend, it was frustratingly slow as usual, with far too much time spent frogging my work. These are dishcloths and facecloths, fer cryin' out loud! It shouldn't have taken me nearly FOUR DAYS to get ONE lousy, stinkin' little cloth crocheted! I'm in full-blown panic mode now, with my Thursday deadline breathing hot fire down my neck - and far too ambitious plans to be accomplished in the time I have remaining, especially when I can't even get through a 12 x 12 cloth in less than 4 days!

It has improved this weekend, TG. Weather moderated to more comfortable levels, my hormones dropped back down to normal levels and the swelling in my feet went down with the hormones. And I got quite a bit of crocheting done - though still not nearly enough - even despite losing nearly a whole day yesterday. But it was a good day, so I don't mind as much losing all that crocheting time.

I had scheduled a visit with mom for yesterday, and in a happy surprise, Isis decided to join us! She has been wanting to go see gramma for awhile, but her own life and schedule has been crazy busy as well. We all had a wonderful time together, and I could tell when we left that mom was on cloud 9.

One thing I didn't manage to do this weekend that now needs to be crammed into the last few days of the month is to sign up for the 3-day pass at the YMCA. Why the big rush, you may ask? Well, there's summer special going on, with a family plan membership that can be bought for use of all their facilities for the next 3 months. The price is right, however there's no way I can afford it - but Phil is willing to pay for it, for both of us, but only if I show I will definitely use it. And this 3-day pass is sort of my "test" to prove to him that he won't be wasting his money on me. This "summer special" deal expires on July 3rd...

Under normal circumstances I would have just said "don't bother". I hate exercising, to be honest, and frankly with my schedule, it's going to take a major commitment on my part to make sure I use it more than once or twice. Problem is, I really need to do this! While I'm not overweight by any means, I am certainly out of shape, far too sedentary and smoke too much. And I'm getting awfully close to that 50 year marker... I need to start doing a better job of taking care of myself, and Phil has been a major pest in reminding me of this fact I'd just as soon forget! He is being incredibly generous in offering to get me this membership, and after a few scares this year, I feel compelled to take him up on his generosity.

And so, even though I have this crocheting deadline breathing down my neck, I MUST make the time to go get some serious exercise! It's a real nice facility from what he's told me, and comes complete with a sauna and a whirlpool, as well as a fully-stocked exercise room. And it's only about 5 minutes away - right on my driving route to and from work, couldn't be more convenient! Not only that, we have a second facility, also about 5 minutes from me in the other direction, that has a swimming pool - and both are available for use on this program (as are all of the Y facilities, from what I understand).

This week is gonna fly! And, as if all this isn't enough - the overtime I've been begging for may just start this week as well, sheesh! I am hoping it will hold off until next week, though, or it will spoil my other plans. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things go. For now, I have several loads of laundry in process and a bed to make, plus packing up for tomorrow, including exercise and sauna apparel and other equipment, PLUS continuing with my frenzied crocheting! Somewhere in that mess some sleep needs to be accomplished too. I hope...


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