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Friday, June 17, 2005

Vacations can breed such BAD habits!

Okay, I'm resisting sleep now, trying to wring just a few more things out of my day. I probably could have tumbled into bed and drifted off to sleep about 2 hours ago, which is closer to the time I'm normally used to finding my pillow (even on the worknights, amazingly enough), but I kept fighting off the fatigue much like the stubborn child does, lol! This week is moving too fast for me now, and I can feel myself trying to dig in my heels to slow it down, much like I do every Sunday night.

I didn't get a huge amount accomplished yesterday, but I did get some done, and it feels like the energy has come unstuck. I'm not feeling as overwhelmed now, so I should begin to see some results from my efforts over the remaining 3 days of my vacation week. I know it won't be anywhere near what I had hoped to accomplish, but I figure if I can get the momentum going, I will be able to keep making progress. It's always been the "getting started" where I've had so much trouble, progress-wise. Once I get going, I can be like a runaway train, hard to stop, lol!

I removed the old, tired custom cover from the couch and two of the pillows, but did not remove the original cover from them. I will have to preserve them until I can get replacements. Two others had deteriorated so badly inside the double-layer of covers that I couldn't remove the outer one, or I would have had crumbled foam rubber everywhere! The fifth one, which was the first I removed from all the covers went straight to the trash. There was no way I was going to try to stuff it back into the zippered case. Phil seems to think I will have no trouble finding what I need for relatively little money, and he will be keeping an eye out too. He's a premier shopper, and as a courier, he gets around to a lot of places, so I suspect I won't have long to wait.

Going from the tired taupe to the fairly decent-condition white (there are a few small stains, but I can live with them. They're not too blatantly in your face) has absolutely opened up and brightened my tiny living room! I then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening going through the part of my stash that I had stuffed around the chair I sit in to crochet, and took some pics as promised. So I will post those, and then I will quit fighting it and take myself off to bed, asap! Tomorrow (okay, today, if you must!) will be a very busy day. And I will have more stash to flash, as I start digging it out of the closets and my bedroom, where the bulk of it currently resides.

So, next up: Flashin' the stash!


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