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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Well, this might be a first...

Amazingly enough, it's been an hour and a half since I posted my last entry, and here I still sit! I have witnessed a rare (for me) sunrise and enjoyed the sounds of various birds calling and singing to each other as they went through their early morning bird rituals. Meeps even decided to call it a night and is now comfortable curled up on her favorite sleeping cushion, sawing kitty-sized logs. And I am WIDE awake!

I wonder how long I can run on no sleep? Seems I will get to find out today.

I was busy in this time, though - no moss'll be growing under this rolling stone! Found and set up my simple little photo-manipulatin' program, resized all my latest pics I'd downloaded from my camera, and got 'em all uploaded to photobucket, ready to roll out to my blog. So, since it's still too early to be plunging myself into the work (and there is still a chance a little sleep might come my way this morning), I figure I'll start the ball rolling.

Lights! Camera! PICTURES!


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