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Saturday, July 02, 2005

As promised, pics of my KnitPicks haul

Only took a week to get around to it! Here's what I got in my Knit Picks order.

Finally got myself loaded up with enough yarn for some serious dyeing fun. If I'm successful at this venture, some of this will be going to a swap, and some will be used for a felting project I hope to do. I'm hoping to eventually get one or all of Marlo's felted bag patterns, would love to try one of those as my first attempt. I want to make one of the large tote-sized bags, with a shoulder-length handle(s), to be used for carrying around one of my larger WIPs. I got 2 skeins of the fingering-weight (at around 440 yards each) and 3 of the worsted weight (at 220 each). Have Koolaid, will dye! This is one of the items on weekend "to-do" list...
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And here is my beloved laceweight yarn - 1 hank of the Shimmer Morning Mist, so I can finish up my Seraphina, 1 hank of the Alpaca Cloud Sunlight to go with the 3 I already have, for another Seraphina, and 4 hanks of the Alpaca Cloud in Iris, also destined to become a Seraphina (can you tell I just love laceweight Seraphinas???). Isn't that Iris just to die for? I can also tell you (since you can't feel it through your computer screen) that this is just soooo incredibly soft! To get the full effect of this lovely color, check this pic out in a full-screen size here.
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Yesterday at work I got Isis to help me wind up the Morning Mist with my yarn ball winder. It definitely did go much quicker winding up this yarn with an assistant, took about 10 or 15 minutes total as compared to about 35 minutes doing it by myself. I wish we'd had more time to wind up the other colors as well, but I was lucky to find the 15 minutes I did to get the one done. So now my yarn is ready for me to get back on my Seraphina project and get it completed, finally! Now I just have to find the time for it, along with several other projects I need to get completed pronto for some swap commitments. Working on the Seraphina will be my "break" from the other projects...


  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger Jennifer said…

    Do you have any of the alpaca cloud sunlight left? If so, e-mail I want to buy some to finish a project.



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