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Saturday, July 30, 2005

DOG Tired!

I'm not quite sure how that term came into being, but - it fits! I just didn't have a chance (or the juice) to post all week. Work, as usual, was insanely busy, made worse for me because of two lost days, and piles of stuff to process for end of month. I am waaay behind on my work, got a day's worth of frantic cramming ahead of me on Monday to finish catching up. My boss has (mercifully) not mentioned the Lost Class, I think she knows how upset I was over missing it. I know she knows I haven't been feeling well. After over nine years, she's seen me through my best times and worst, she knows me well. Sometimes that helps. Thankfully, this is one of them.

And when I wasn't working, I was consumed with my project, and frustrated over how long it was taking me to get it done. Tuesday night, I came to within a row and a half of completing the thing - and ran out of my main color! I saw it coming as I stitched away, feeling a tad surreal about it. Went through the initial "why me???" stage of pulling my hair, and trying to figure out how to squeeze the money out for one more ball of yarn (no small feat this week, let me tell ya!) when I suddenly found myself looking at my little scrap basket on the coffee table. Sitting right on top of the heap of small scraps of yarn left over from other projects was a "swatch", the scrapped rows of my first attempt at the project! There was more than enough of the color I needed for that last row and a half.

But it was nearly 2 am by this point, and work was waiting on the short end of a quickly fading night, so I packed everything up and crawled off to bed for at least a few hours of sleep. Meeps obliged me by staying in again, and worked mightily with the alarm again to pry me out of bed in the morning. Don't know how I managed it, but I got to work on time.

Finished up that row and a half at lunch, and then contemplated the "last task" to finish it all up - those lovely little strings hanging all over the place! Saturday, I had managed to hide all of the ends on the one side and only about a quarter of the ends on the other before I gave up for the day (and the week, lol!). But that was at the halfway point, and I now had ALL of the ends to hide on the second half, plus that 3/4 from the first half. I had determined that I would stay after work for this, both for the brighter lights and the worktable (much easier on my back than doing it on my lap and therefore - hopefully - faster) But I couldn't stay real late, as I had to make a stop on the way home, and that place closes at 9 pm. I got most of the first 3/4 done - these being more difficult than the ends in the second half. After I got home, I went right back to it, and worked until around 1 am on it. It became rather obvious well before that time that I was not going to be able to get all those ends hid in time to ship it Thursday. I managed to get all the ends on one side completely hid before I had to quit for the night. I decided I would stay late at work Thursday to finish hiding the remaining ends.

Meeps had other plans, however! Thursday morning, after dutifully hauling my protesting body out of bed yet again, she insisted she just had to go out! I don't like letting her out in the morning on a weekday, as a rule. But it had been a long time since she'd bugged me about it. So I let her out. She was nowhere to be found by the time I had to walk out the door. I had to leave for work with her left outside somewhere, something that really messes with my head! Fortunately, we've got an out - Phil. I figured I'd give him a call and he'd come by to let her back in the house later. So off to work I went, running behind as usual but miraculously managing to clock in within the "on time" framwork - seems like I'm always making it by the skin of my teeth! Just once, I would love to experience what it's like to drive to work at a leisurely pace - la di da! - and wander in to sign in with time to spare! It gets tiring to literally race my way from one state to the next, testing my psychic "radar" as I push the speed limits to the max of what they'll let you get away with (and often over those limits, if the "radar" says it's okay), slamming into the closest parking spot I can find and running (as much as I can run, loaded down like a pack mule as I am, and clutching that life-saving engine-jumping travel mug of double-espresso!) to get into the building, down the long haul to my suite and to my computer, where I have to quickly sign in with password to get to the "time card", our electronic time and attendance system, type in yet another username and password, and then click on the "punch in" button, all the while nervously eyeing the clock (did I make it?). That, folks, is my daily morning routine!

Anyway, back to Meeps. In the mad rush of trying to get work caught up and various other sundry things, it slipped my mind to call Phil, until around 1 pm or so. I hadn't figured he'd be able to get there any sooner anyway, so I wasn't real worried yet. I finally remembered to call him around 1:30 or so, getting voicemail and leaving a message there. He called me back about a half hour later - from the dentist's chair, where he told me I should have called earlier, he'd been home all morning. Aargh! But he promised to swing by after his appointment, which he did, only she still wasn't around! That effectively ended my plans for staying late to work on the "hiding of the ends" saga, I would just have to finish them up at home. I did manage to get a pretty decent number of them hid at lunch, and the end was definitely in sight - it had to be! I was bound and determined to have it all done and ready to be shipped out Friday - today!

And I made it! The package is winging it's way to my pal even as I write this, scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Once she posts that she's received it, I will then be able to "reveal" it here too!

So, I somehow managed to finish wrapping everything up that was going in her package, as well as some Christmas in July stuff I had been trying to get prepped to mail, all while continuing my efforts to get the piles of work to shrink. So far they're not cooperating!

So now it's Friday night (TGIF!!!), and all I want to do is go to bed, have spent the evening drooping over my keyboard here. I did pull Seraphina out and got a few stitches done, but I think I will just give it up and go get that well-deserved rest, from which I can awaken whenever I want to! I dare say it's about time anyway, seeing as how it's already after midnight again! Where the time goes in the evenings, I have no clue. But right now (and for all of the evening since I got home), I am just dragging. Think I'll go drag myself to bed.

Oh, and Meeps? - she was there waiting for me when I arrived. She tore past me into the house and scarfed up a bunch of food, and then insisted on going right back out! I didn't see her again until this morning when I got up, and she was happy to come in for the day this time!

More tomorrow!


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