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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Found: Long Lost little treasures

Sometimes it pays to clean up your storage areas! While tidying up in my basement (which will be a months-long ongoing project, too much to go through down there), I ran across this:
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I had completely forgotten I had this stuff! The small white roll in the front is a spool of elastic thread, which I found tucked inside the gold thread spool. Inside the silver metallic thread spool was a small spool of crocheting wire! Then there was the DMC Perle Cotton #8 thread and the silver elastic, and finally the purple variegated #10, which I had been using to make a doll outfit, the top of which is on the left of the picture. Also found was the pattern book I had been working from, ostensibly making a dolly outfit for my daughter's doll. Seeing as how she is now 28 years old, these have been packed away in storage for a long long time! Just to get an idea of their age, I included the bag I had them stored in for this pic - a Goldblatt's bag. If I'm not mistaken, Goldblatt's went out of business about 15 years ago, possibly more... Does anybody remember Goldblatt's?


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