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Monday, July 25, 2005

Heat wave - day 2...

Well, don't quite know how I did it, but I survived the heat yesterday - barely! I had a pretty miserable night, thanks to the heat and a horrendous case of indigestion brought on by a truly horrifying meal, not to mention my continuing female problems, which I won't go into any further. No, it wasn't Phil's food that did me in. It was around 7:30 pm when I finally managed to drag myself together and make the trek to his place for that Shrimp Curry - and I was starving by that point, or I might not have found the strength at all! There was nothing to eat at my place! Just call me "Mother Hubbard", lol!

Anyway, when I got to his place, I was met at the door by a man with a crazed look in his face. If I'd thought my house was hot, his apartment was TEN times WORSE! He couldn't take it anymore (and neither could I, after being inside that place for all of five minutes, lol!), and suggested we put the curry up for leftovers later and go find an air-conditioned restaurant for dinner. I needed no convincing, and out the door we went.

If I hadn't been so hungry, I would have been more than satisfied to just drive around town all evening in his nice air-conditioned car! But hungry I was, and so we looked for that magical place. The first restaurant we tried, we both had a funny feeling it wasn't going to work. There were few cars in the lot, and this place had a reputation which didn't match the scene. Sure enough, when we went in, we discovered that their air was out - they had fans blowing from some of the tables to make it less oppressive, but that wasn't good enough. So back to the a/c cooled car we went and continued hunting. Neither of us could come up with any good ideas, and so we settled for a "sure thing", a restaurant we had frequented many times before, one of our "AAA" restaurants. Well, it's not a "AAA" anymore!

The place was busy - very busy, and (most important of all) the air-conditioning was working. We had our first twinge of concern as we waited to be seated by a very ditzy young hostess. We stood next to two empty booths for what seemed like forever, obediently waiting for her to return from wherever she had disappeared to after telling us it would "be a minute". Someone finally came by and cleared one of the booths off and set it up (they were both dirty from the last occupants) and she finally appeared and waved us into the newly cleaned up booth. We didn't waste too much time poring over the menus (did I mention that I was starving?) and got our orders in right away: he ordered the special of the day, which was a surprisingly mundane NY Cheesesteak sandwich and I ordered the New Orleans Cajun Chicken Breast, which he said he'd had before and was good.

This restaurant's specialty is fish, which isn't surprising for a place called "The Boathouse" and situated right on the lakefront, at the harbor. We had dined on some of the BEST fish dinners ever at this place in the past. Our first clue that things were amiss, therefore, should have been the surprising lack of fish in the "specials" menu for the day, of which the cheesesteak was the sole item. But it took awhile for it to sink in.

We sat and watched absolute pandemonium for the next HOUR, with our waitress appearing briefly about 15 minutes into that hour to inform us that they were "working on" our order, but that it was taking longer because they had to "cajun up my chicken" and Phil had requested fries without salt as the side for his sandwich. ???! Since when does withholding salt from the fries cause a delay in processing a meal? I finally had to go hunt the waitress down, and she acted all surprised that we hadn't received our order yet (giving the impression that someone else was supposed to have delivered it). She said she'd take care of it, and sure enough, finally showed up with our dishes - which had obviously been sitting for awhile at the service station!

By this point, I was so hungry, I didn't really care, all I knew was that I finally had food in front of me and proceeded to wolf it down. From the first bite, I knew I was going to be in trouble. The dang thing tasted like somebody had spilled an entire salt-shaker over it! Not only that, the "meat" was definitely not identifiable as "chicken breast", beyond the whitish color. The texture was all wrong, and if there was any chicken flavor to it, it got drowned out in all that salt. I opined to Phil later that I thought it was one of those "chopped and reformed" meat products, with god-knows what kind of ingredients tossed in as "filler". I can't even begin to describe the texture of this "meat" adequately, it was so strange. Believe me, if I hadn't been so hungry, I would never have eaten it otherwise. Later, I wished I hadn't!

Phil, in the meantime, had requested both steak sauce and ketchup when our order arrived. He waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, I got up and went to the waiter's station to request the missing items, noting our waitress over at the bar, getting a drink order for another table. We were halfway through this nightmare of a meal when our ditzy hostess showed up with a bottle of steak sauce and ketchup in her hands! Apparently, our waitress had asked her to bring these things to us (and, I suspect, had also asked her to bring our food to us as well). The fries were hard, cold and dry, totally inedible, and his cheesesteak was missing ingredients that had been listed on the specials board (onions) and was also cold, from having sat for who-knows-how long, though our waitress assured us this wasn't so (I do believe she was lying!). As hungry as I was, I could not finish the mystery sandwich that was masquerading as a New Orleans Cajun Chicken Breast. And what I did eat of it later came back to haunt me. For the entire night. Such that I felt deathly ill from the combined effects of the serious indigestion from that nasty sandwich and the continuing heat, which didn't let up until near dawn this morning.

We figured out, and confirmed with our "too-busy" waitress, that the restaurant had been sold and was now under new management. From what we could see, the new owners are also new to the restaurant business. As Phil also noted (from better knowledge, as he's eaten there more often than just the times with me), there was not a single familiar face among the wait staff, all the original ones were gone. Most of the ones now there appeared to be from the local college, though our hostess didn't look old enough to be in college yet, but who knows? The most obvious thing about the place, though, was the enormous disorganization with everybody rushing to and fro, and getting nothing done! The only good thing we could say about our experience was that at least it was air-conditioned! What a nightmare! With a huge flourish as we were walking out of the place, Phil brought up their phone number on his cell phone - and deleted it.

Thanks to all of that, I got no more crocheting done yesterday, setting me behind again. And today is promising to be nearly as hot as yesterday, though it is fairly comfortable, though warm, as of this writing. As soon as I'm done writing this little woeful tale, I'm back on it, though, hopefully to catch myself up and get lots done, and (knock wood) without any more mistakes. My glaring errors on the 2 1/4 rows I had to frog yesterday resulted in my coming up short on the yarn (which, of course, had already been cut for the color-change row by the time I caught the mistakes), by TWO STITCHES! I had to patch in an extra length of the main color in order to pick up those last two stitches, resulting in two more tails to hide. Yesterday, while not the worst I've ever had, came pretty durn close, all told!

If I wasn't still feeling so lousy, it probably would have been a more comfortable day for me, temperature-wise, if I had gone in to work - at least I would have been in the air conditioning all day. But then again, I would have been driving home in the worst part of the day's heat, this evening in my NON-air-conditioned car. I just hope I'm feeling better by tomorrow, as I will have lots of work to catch up on. And the discussion with my boss about that missed class, which I do not look forward to. I hate eating crow! I just hope it doesn't give me indigestion too...


  • At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    I hope you didn't pay for that lousy meal. I would have walked out, no matter how hungry. (BTW, If he paid by credit, call the card company and tell them the meal sucked bigtime and you refuse to pay for it. They'll delete the charge.)

    Don't forget Merc retro til Aug 16. Yay.

  • At 2:53 PM, Blogger Tara said…

    I always ask for a manager to come to the table when the food and/or service is bad. I've done that job, and I expect the same level of service that I always gave. Nothing less.
    We just had a heat wave here that is now (thankfully) over. It's near impossible to crochet in the heat, I found. Good luck, and don't forget the freezer section of the grocery stores...they are nice and cool.


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