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Monday, July 18, 2005

I just. plain. cannot. BELIEVE THIS!!!

Excuse my hysterical tone, but - GAAAAAH!!!

Risking the possibility that my secret pal gal may stumble across my blog, I MUST rant for a moment. I am FLOORED by the utter, stupendous, ridiculous mistakes I manage to make, and NOT NOTICE them even when they are GLARING at me!

I have been in a minor state of panic since last night when I realized that, despite putting quite a lot of effort into it, I had not made anywhere NEAR the amount of progress I had been under the impression I'd made. Never mind the fact that it only took a quick perusal to determine just how far I'd gotten with the project, it had seemed like much more until last night. Granted, it's been hot as hades here, which has slowed me down (a LOT, I'll admit), and I also spent quite a bit of time writing up blog posts and puttering about the house with various other small projects and laundry and such, so when I actually considered it, it really wasn't that surprising. But it put me into that state of panic nonetheless, thinking of that looming deadline - with time moving twice as fast as me, part of my "time issues" I mentioned relative to my tardiness problems. I swear there's a black hole in my bathroom, it sucks time up in great big 15 minute gulps while I think only a few of those minutes have gone by while I brushed my teeth! I swear, I'm not that slow, but sometimes it feels like it. Anyway...

Panic never serves me well, I've discovered, because it usually causes me to make those stupid mistakes I am always lamenting about. Last night, as I neared completion of a row, I discovered a "stupid mistake" on the row below, necessitating a frogging session. To complicate matters, it was over a color-change row, meaning that the row I had to frog was only a set length, since I had long since cut the yarn for that row. When I tried to start up again at that point, I discovered that the error had actually been made on the row below it, requiring more frogging! Okay, so I calmed myself down and got it done, managing to redo even the color change row with the short length of yarn. And on I went.

I am working a striped pattern repeat series, with 3 rows of the main color separated by one row of three different contrasting colors (in other words, it's 3 rows MC, 1 row CA, 3 rows MC, 1 row CB, etc). I am just now on the final row of the current series of my pattern set, and was looking forward to getting (hopefully) a good 3 or 4 rows into the next series tonight (yes, I was feeling ambitious), when it happened...

I noticed that when I started this series, I had somehow managed to crochet only TWO rows of the main color, not three!!! I was on row 12 of a 12 row pattern set when I discovered that I had MISSED row 12 of the previous set - and I didn't notice it until NOW!

One step forward, ten steps back. That seems to be my routine with my crocheting lately! I swear, I'm beginning to feel like I've been brain-damaged or something. How could I have NOT seen this sooner!

I have no choice but to get busy frogging... There is NO way I can leave this blatant error. ::SIGH:: Except for a bit of a rocky start (had to frog and redo from scratch on my first couple of rows), I was moving along nicely (albeit slowly) with this pattern, with last night's frogging session being the first I'd had to do. I had so hoped that this time I wouldn't be plagued with this tendency toward the stupid mistakes that I've been struggling with so much lately, and it had seemed like I was going to make it okay. Until now.

It makes me wonder if I'm going to be able to manage to get this done in time, after all. I may just end up having a nervous breakdown in the process of trying, at the rate I'm going.

On the good news front (so I don't end on such a franticly sour note), I cleaned up at my grocery store when I went seeking Kool-aid packets. I had been missing blue in my selections previously, and I found it and then some at Woodman's, where it is on sale 8 packets for $1! I came home with 24 packets and fingers smelling decidedly fruity from handling them all! I probably won't get to do my first yarn-dyeing session until the weekend, my evenings are just too short and this project has total dibs on all free time this week (and next), especially now. My next installment in my "working-gal Blues" series will be posted whenever I manage to find the time to finish writing it. No doubt you're on the edge of your seat in anticipation, lol! But we'll get there, sooner or later. It's something I really need to do.

Okay, gotta go set up for the morning, and then it's a froggin' I will go... ::SOB::


  • At 1:27 AM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    I'm cheering you on! You can get it finished!

  • At 7:59 AM, Blogger goldi said…

    Thanks Kimberly - I'm hanging onto your support with, uh... both feet? (gotta leave the hands free to crochet, tee hee!).


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