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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm Mellllltttting.... !!!

Just took a look at the hourly temps, we hit 100 degrees at around 4 pm today. Currently, it's 99...

Despite that, I have been continuing to plug away at my project. Due no doubt to the heat, I did have a small setback from which I am nearly recovered - had to frog about 2 1/4 rows because of missed stitches. When things get too intolerable, I just go downstairs to check the laundry, it's about 20 degrees cooler in the basement. Too bad it's nothing more than a storage area - it would be a perfect place to hang out in this kind of heat if it was finished. As it is, I can't stand to be down there for too long, and I worry that it will just make it harder to adapt to the heat, which hits me like a punch as I climb the stairs. Wow!

But I'm drinking lots of water, and soon I will jump in the shower to wash all this sweat off and put on some drier clothes, and I will amble on over to Phil's for dinner and lounging on his balcony "overlooking" Lake Michigan. I say "overlooking", because you can barely see the lake for all the trees blocking the view. It's nice and cozy feeling, despite the fact that he shares the balcony with the other 5 or so tenants on his floor. He's lucky, though - he's on the end by the lake, so he's got the best spot on it! There should be a good breeze there tonight. He has done all the preliminary cooking for the shrimp curry he has planned for tonight's fare, shrimp is the last to go in just before dining. MMMmm MMM! I'm sure I will have no problem relocating my appetite by then!

I will be taking the project along. I'm getting REALLY close to finishing it! I didn't get a whole lot of rows done yesterday, only 13 - but I got over half of the ends hid up to that point in the process. Based on my experience working with those, I made a few modifications in how I was beginning and ending the color-change rows, to make the hiding a little easier. And I started being less frugal with how much tail I left. It's a royal pain to try and hide a tail that's less than 6 inches long, let me tell you!

I spread my creation out for a few photo shots, which I will share once the recipient has received it. It currently measures to 46 inches, only 14 more to go!

Oh (back to weather and other mundane topics), to further complicate my life, I'm having my usual humdinger of a period. I hadn't gone into this before because I think I've been in a little bit of shock over it, I'm still not reconciled with how this could have happened. Friday was the day of an important event for me, something I had actually been looking forward to with anticipation. It was an advanced Excel class, being given by one of the gals from another branch of our now-large company. She is known as the "Excel Guru" among those in the know, and I'd had a chance to see just how much she lived up to her name earlier in the week, so this was something to look forward to (besides, I just love learning new things, especially on the computer). Only one small problem, to start it all off: in all the hoopla leading up to this class, the TIME of it somehow seemed to never be caught by me. I had only ONE email giving me that crucial bit of information, an email I had received on Monday and quickly glanced at and flagged for later review because at the time I was rather busy with other things. But I never got back to that email, and the schedules were never posted on any of our scheduling calendars by our always-organized (NOT!) boss!

Friday was NOT a good day for me, from the moment I opened my eyes. For once, Meeps had stayed in overnight, and she rallied with the alarm clock in persisting to pry me out of bed, something my body did NOT want to do. My brain had gone awol, couldn't be found anywhere, and I was forced to leave home without it. Ever have "one of those days"? Well Friday was mine. It was payday, and I had stretched my gas to the maximum, meaning I had to stop for a fill-up on the way to work, groggy and tense because I was already running a few minutes late. I thank the farmer that was pumping gas on the other side of the island from me that morning, as he saved me from making a fatal (to my car) mistake - I was at a diesel pump!!! He caught me just in time, as I was about to stick the nozzle in my gas tank, having already authorized my debit card for the purchase. Sheesh!

Raced on in to work, running into zombie traffic along the way (not like I wasn't a zombie myself, but I was still more aware than most of them!), and arrived 15 minutes late. And, as it turned out, forty-FIVE minutes late for the class! What I had failed to absorb was that the class was at 9 a.m.!!! Had I noticed it, I would have SAID something, or at least been aware I needed to make the effort to arrive earlier than my normal 9:30! As it was, the class would have been wasted on me, my brain was STILL awol, and I was not feeling too swift physically, either. I was so damned depressed on top of it all that I forced myself to focus enough to get the things I HAD to do that day done, and I took the rest of the day off. I have yet to talk to my boss about this, it was because of my yowling for a class of this kind that this had been set up, and then I end up being a no-show! How mortifying. I am STILL upset about it!

I took a four hour nap when I got home Friday, and never quite could seem to fully wake up even after that. By Saturday it became apparent what was ailing me - good old period! They are coming on more frequently now, and I am practically hemorrhaging every time, it wouldn't surprise me if I haven't gotten a bit anemic. Today's a heavy day, and tomorrow will be worse, so I am going to stay home, even though it's the last week of the month (not that it matters much anymore - every week brings challenges at my job). I need to de-stress a bit, it's been rather overpowering me lately. And on my next paycheck, I am budgeting in for a doctor's appt, finally. At least there will be money available for it.

Okay, I think it's time to go check that laundry again...


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