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Saturday, July 02, 2005

JoAnns is killing me!

I needed a few things and I had a few coupons, so I stopped in to JoAnns on my way home last night...
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I was only planning on picking up the blue thread and the white microspun, honest! But how could I resist the Pistachio Cotton-ease at clearance sale prices? The skein of Homespun was more of an afterthought, I'd almost bought it before (when there had been two of them in the bins), they had some other colors on clearance for $3 as well, but I was already way overbudget so I resisted and stuck with only the one (figure I can make a scarf from it). I'm hoping sometime soon to be able to acquire the pattern for the fabulous Spiderweb Skirt that I have been drooling over for months now, and I now have the Cotton-ease handy for when I do. They've started a crochetalong over at Crochetville for this pattern and I really want to join this
one! I wonder if Josi would take payment via a money order? Otherwise, I will have to find another way to get the pattern, as I can't use paypal at this time...

Well, just went and got myself all bummed out! I pulled out my receipt from the above purchase and realized that the gal forgot to apply my $5 off for purchases over $25 coupon - and she didn't give the coupon back either! Seeing as how I would have to drive over 35 miles to go back to the store and it is now a day later, I think I'm s.ol. That hurts! That's $5 extra that I really didn't need to be losing, could have applied it to the coveted pattern fer cryin' out loud! I knew I should have reviewed that receipt before leaving the store! ::sigh:: I'm so tired of making these dumb mistakes! I will admit, though, I was tired last night, or this wouldn't have happened. Gonna go take a break and cry now...


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