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Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Faithful Companion

One of Meeps' favorite places to hang out is at my feet while I'm on the computer. I was actually crocheting last night rather than browsing (something I've been spending a lot of time doing, as I rush to finish up these deadline projects), as a result I was not able to capture her in her "lounging" position (laying on her side). I would have loved to get that shot, especially when I would talk to her and she would look up at me with what I can only call "adoration" in her eyes - a special trick for a cat! But she had rolled over into this position by the time I was able to set my work down and pick the camera up. It'll do!
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I readjusted my legs to get a full shot of her for this pic, which caused her to shift a tad herself. But beyond the small position change, she lay there pretty motionless - except for the incessantly moving "radar" ears! This kitty has the most expressive ears in the world! And they move independently of each other, taking in information from every direction, lol!
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She also frequently likes to lay across my feet, which she did do briefly last night. But it was a bit too warm for her to maintain that position for long, fortunately for me! But it's generally very welcome in the wintertime! That's one of the reasons she acquired the nickname of "the Third Slipper", lol! However, it's a bit difficult to walk around with that extra "slipper" on, which certainly does nothing to help me look any more graceful as I move around. That problem, alas, is year-round! She is a devoted and loving kitty, but one of us is going to suffer a broken neck one of these days, lol!


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