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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Okay, now I'm demoralized

Perhaps some sleep will help, maybe it's just because I'm tired. But I am completely and totally demoralized over my project. Ripping out 12 rows of work, representing a third of what I'd manage to accomplish was hard. It hurt, it hurt real bad, especially while I'm feeling the pressure of that deadline. But now, to find myself at a total standstill...

After ripping and rewrapping the various lengths of yarn (3 short ones, one for each of the contrasting colors; 2 long ones, for the two sets of 3 rows of the main color), as well as the long length from the "current" rows I had been working on when I discovered the missing row (this still being attached to the main skein), I figured I'd try to at least get a row or two in before packing it all up for tomorrow (with the hope of getting, maybe, a row done during my paltry half-hour lunch - and besides, I never go anywhere without my crocheting, there might be an opportunity missed to cast a few stitches). It didn't take long for the next problem to rear it's ugly head - tangled yarn. As careful as I was to roll it up, it insisted this was unacceptable, and promptly turned itself into a hopelessly tangled mess. The more I tried to untangle it, the worse it got! I finally had to just wrap it all up and put it away, before I did something drastic in the throes of a tantrum.

I will get it untangled tomorrow, if necessary it will be with the assistance of my daughter. But is this what will be in store for me throughout this next 12 rows? Granted, I could just scrap the yarn, but that means I would have to go buy more of the main color at least, as I will run short. And I just seriously have a problem with wasting that much good yarn!

Seeing as how I will have to spend my lunch period untangling yarn, I will not make any progress on stitching my project, and I can only hope I can be a bit more productive and error-free starting tomorrow night. I keep thinking about how many rows I need to do (120 in total, as of post-frogging session I have 24 completed, subtracting that gives me 96 left to go), how many days I have to get them done (using a "last day to ship by" of July 29, a Friday, giving me 10 days total, not including the shipping day) and figuring out the average number of rows I need to do daily (9.6), I know for a fact that I am not going to be able to complete this on time. And remember, this is assuming I don't make any more dumb mistakes!

Sorry, folks - I'm thinking out loud here (you get to peek at the internal dialog tonight, thanks to this little mini-disaster)... The best I can confidently say I can accomplish on any given weeknight is 5, maybe 6 rows. Any more than that would be gravy to me, and to accomplish even that will require that I stay almost completely off this computer, at least until I get the minimum number of rows accomplished. Eight days times six rows equals 48, plus the 24 already accomplished, for a total of 72 completed rows, leaving another 24 rows to finish the project. I would have to work 12 rows apiece on my two weekend days, minimum. And I haven't factored in the amount of time that will be needed for finishing, things like hiding a bazillion tails, and washing, blocking and drying. The tails alone will probably take several hours...

Given my track record, these numbers are not looking very realistic to me. I am going to have to sleep on this, and figure out what to do tomorrow. The only certainty in all of this babbling is that I am not abandoning this project. I will get it done. But I may be forced to ask for a few extra days, taking me past the end of July. It would give me two more weekend days in which to work on it, as well as an additional weekday, making it much more likely that I would be able to get the thing done.

Okay - to sleep, perchance to dream. And hopefully they won't be nightmares! Considering the hour I again find myself crawling off to bed, nightmares are a good possibility - not to mention concerns about oversleeping in the morning again. I'd better get going!


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