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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Postcard mystery...

Okay, so I received a lovely little postcard in the mail yesterday, figuring it was from someone at Crochetville. When I finally got to sit down and read the message on it, though, I'm not sure! There's no mention of the forum or anything crochet-related. And the message conveyed concern for me, stating they hadn't heard from me in awhile. I know I've been pretty quiet just about everywhere I hang out at online (some places more than others) beyond this blog, especially in the past couple of weeks as I was forced to drop everything in my serious need to finish up that project by the stated deadline (am waiting impatiently for it to be delivered today). Between that and my job, and my health challenges, there was little time for much of anything else. I was getting so scattered and disorganized that I was making really stupid errors on my project, further putting pressure on me as the deadline approached, I had to eliminate all the distractions so I could stay on task to get it done. Same with my previous project for the Bathroom and Kitchen swap - they all kind of hit me one right after the other, with no time in between for me to catch up on other things. So, yeah, I've been quiet, even on the forum, but I have posted at least a few times there! I think.

Anyway, it's a sweet card, but I don't know which direction to go in responding to the message on it! It came from Nashville, TN and was signed by Courtney, and sent to my home address. Outside of the forum, not that many people have that bit of information, so I have to assume it came from there. But then again, maybe it didn't. What a mystery! Based on her comments, it doesn't seem like Courtney has read my blog (again, I think), and I just hate to think that anyone is worrying about me, and I can't even contact them to let them know I'm all right (still tickin' last time I checked, albeit a bit slowly).

Now that all my swaps are done, I will be slowly catching up with everybody starting this weekend, as best I can. And I am back on Seraphina, hopefully will get her finished up within the next few days to a week, and have pics to post of her in all her glory. Started up on her last night, and I've almost reached the halfway mark on the first row. It didn't take me long to swing back into gear with this, thankfully! I was a little concerned about going from the heavier yarns back to the laceweight, but the adjustment was quick and smooth, and I'm loving it!

Still waiting on word of receipt of that package... (what - ME, impatient? Nah! LOL!)


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