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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Progress Report

Well, the gravy train, as I have been calling it lately, has been moving along steadily, I am happy to report. Thursday, I managed to get 11 rows done, yesterday it was a total of 14! Today, so far, I have only done two rows, but that is because I decided to take a break and start working in all those tails. I just did NOT want to leave them all for the end! So, it will take me awhile to get the ends hidden, as this part of the project is highly stressful for my back (which is an area of chronic concern to begin with), but I will get them all done, and then get rolling again with the hook. Seeing as how I have nothing much else planned for this weekend (on purpose, and because I'm not feeling well - more on that later), I am still intending on getting a minimum of 18 rows done today, more if I can. And I intend to hide those infernal ends more frequently as I go along, once I get caught up on them all (there's an awful LOT of them!).

And, if I do say so myself, this project is looking mighty fine! I can hardly wait to finish it and get it off to my secret pal!

Many thanks to my cheerleader squadron for keeping me motivated, but you can put those pom poms down now - they keep tickling my nose! Cheers still gratefully accepted, though!


  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    Thanks for the relief from waving those blasted pom poms...I was the tom-boy with the scrapped knees & backwards ball cap that sneered at the girls in their dresses who were afraid to get dirty!

    Keep up the progress! Don't you just hate those ends!! I left my neices doll blanket with the ends hanging out so my mum could weave them in for me...I cheat! :-D

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger goldi said…

    So glad to hear I was able to relieve you of that pom pom duty, Kimberly! I figured your arms must be killing you by now, lol!

    Me and sports, um - well let's just say I was one of those kids who was always last to be picked, if at all, from either side of the foul line. Who wants a clutz with two left feet and all thumbs anyway? HA HA, well I may be somewhat uncoordinated, but I used to regularly surprise them all with a homer every now and then.

    Anyway, on to more pleasant memories! Those ends! Ay yi yi! Right about now, it's feeling like I may be here till CHRISTMAS getting those infernal ends hidden! And I'm getting antsy to get back to hookin', too! FOUR tails every 4th row!!! I'm gettin' cross-eyed. But, they gotta be done. I think I'm going to shoot for half of them and then start alternating this funky task with crocheting more rows (and creating more ends, ugh!). That'll teach ME to be so color-happy! But oh - what a NICE result!


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