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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Still tired after all these naps!

Well, okay - so it was ONE nap, but who's counting? It was a good two-hour nap, at any rate. But I still feel tired and draggy, so I haven't done a whole heckuva lot today. Been mostly working on my Seraphina - am halfway through the third row today, woo hoo! I'm speeding right along! At this rate, it shouldn't take me all that long to finish this baby up, just 5 1/2 more rows to go, then we wrap things up. I'm still toying with the idea of fringing it as well, will see once I get the 8 additional rows done on it and see where it is at that point - not to mention how much yarn I have left on the ball.

I am sorely tempted to start another Seraphina once this one is done, but will hold off because I want to try my hand at making a shrug/bolero/short jacket. I have several nice tops I'd like to wear to work, but they need a cover-up such as a shrug, too much bare skin exposed, and it gets darn COLD in that office! Then there are also the many WIPs laying around begging to be finished up, and the requested items that I need to get on as well, so my crochet hooks will not have much time to get cold!

Later (or tomorrow more likely - the pics are ready to upload, but my system is dragging even worse than I am today, with that "resolving host" issue continuing to plague me. I just don't have the patience for it!) I will put up some pics of the ripple wrap I've been yacking and whining about this past week or so, now that my pal Jessica is the happy owner of it. She has told me she's packed it to take on her trip to California this coming week, which was what I had planned this wrap for - she made a couple of cute tops for the beach that this will go nicely over when the sun sets and a little extra cover is needed. And, of course, I'm sure she will get plenty of opportunities for wearing it at home as well. It's more of a "sporty" style than fancy, so should go well in most any setting, day or night. I'm pretty proud of the darn thing, it turned out even better than I'd imagined it would, all those tails notwithstanding. One thing I can say from that experience: I am now an expert at hiding loose ends! And having washed it before shipping it out to her, I am also confident that these will stay hidden, as well, yay! If you can't wait for my pics, you can go here and scroll up to message #496 to see the pic she posted of it!
(Or, if you visit this link after tomorrow, you may have to switch to the previous page in the thread to find the message, the link takes you to the last message posted.)

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day for me, lots of chores to catch up on, seeing as how I didn't even try to get anything done today. After about 8 weeks, the lawn finally has reached the stage where it needs a cut, so the Queen Anne's Lace that has been growing in the middle of my back yard will finally have to go, not to mention the Chicory that popped up along the walkway to the garage. Oh, and the horizontal spider webs that popped up all over the front yard too. The place has taken on a bit of a wild and wooly atmosphere, lol! The little bit of rain we got last weekend really didn't amount to enough to revive the grass more than a little bit, it's still mostly brown, but the trim might do it some good now without traumatizing it further.

I may finally also try my hand at dyeing some wool tomorrow too, if I'm feeling ambitious and energetic enough. I've got everything gathered together that I need, now it's just a matter of doing it! Still, I'm nervous, lol! Note to self: Just DO IT!

Okay, gonna go back to Seraphina, and then off to an early bedtime. Hopefully I'll wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow! I may even put on a pot of espresso, which I usually don't do on the weekends, but I need to rev that engine, so I'll make an exception this time. The two cups of regular coffee I drank this morning hardly made a dent in the fog, so we will have to resort to more extreme measures tomorrow.


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