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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday morning babbling...

Well, I'm pretty certain the problem is not on my end now, CVille is definitely down for the count. I sure hope it gets back up soon, I'm missing my fix!

In the meantime, I'm struggling to get motivated to get some stuff done around here. Yesterday was a down day, spent all of it pretty much chained indoors, unable to wander far from the bathroom. I will try not to go into too much detail here, but I'm having some difficulty with this menopause thingy, seems like I've swung all the way back to the periods of my early years, which were a nightmare. Only difference between then and now is the timing. There were loooong stretches between those nasty periods for me when I was younger, now I seem to be on a 21 day cycle, and all of it uncomfortable. And I'm so dadburned tired all the time, no energy to do much of anything. I was supposed to go work out this weekend at the Y, use up my 3 day pass and make a decision if I could commit for a 3 month membership. I don't think I can do it! When I'm at the heavy end of my cycle (like I was yesterday, and continues this morning so far), how can I be working out? And I certainly wouldn't be able to use the sauna or the whirlpool, even with "double protection", I'm leaking in less than 15 minutes, and I can't wear a pad with a swimsuit! Beyond those logistics, I am looking forward to a busy 3 months at work, will (hopefully) be putting in a lot of overtime, which will negate my ability to visit the facilities during the week. My weekend commitments (despite the fact that so far I find it impossible to meet them, but that's gotta change!) won't be leaving me much room for spending 3 hours a day each day working out. I know, I know, it doesn't have to be 3 hours, but it will be. I'm just not a fast mover, and I also have this, um, challenge to overcome of extreme shyness in the locker room. I have to go hide in the changing room to shift from street clothes to workout clothes or (especially) swimsuit). I just can't get past that! It's one of those stupid phobias of mine that I can't explain, and it has nothing to do with embarrassment over my body. Hell, I have a hard time doing it at home, alone! A ten minute shower requires a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes of "preparation" time, to psyche myself up for shedding my (protective?) coverings and climbing in the damn tub. I don't remember having this much trouble when I was younger... ::sigh:: Seems like yet another one of those wierd things I came away from my son's suicide with, that's when it seems like it started in earnest, though I think it was beginning to build up a bit before that time. Perhaps it has more to do with the hormonal shifts I've been going through with this miserable menopause. Whatever it is, it can sometimes be very restrictive, and definitely a real pain in the ass! I never used to be this damn neurotic!

Okay, to switch to happier topics. Well, maybe. It would be happier if I could report great leaps of progress with all my various crochet projects I had planned for this weekend, but... I finally managed, after several failed efforts, to get at least one of them off the ground and moving along nicely - but not until some ungodly hour of this early morning! Everything else I tried, I kept running into problems with them and never got to first base - yet! I have several small items I want to make for my next package to my secret pal gal, which I'm hoping to have ready for shipping this week. We'll see how quickly I can manage to work my way through these things. Most of them should only take about an hour or so, if I can overcome my stupid difficulties with them! It only took me, like, two weeks to decide on which ones I wanted to do for her! That, and gathering together the patterns. Some of them, I still need to dig through my stash to find the yarn that's "just right" for what I have in mind, and that alone is a bit of a challenge, even though I inventoried it all on vacation, now I don't know where I put half of it when I put it al away again! Sheesh!

Then, I spent some time last night researching in preparation for the dyeing session I am hoping to have today. I may have to run out to the store (in fact, I know I will have to, I'm dangerously low on tp - can't believe I ran through almost a whole roll yesterday, and it's my last, YIKES! My worst nightmare! Especially at this time!), I'm missing some colors of Kool-aid I need for the colors I'm contemplating for this dye job. I'd also like to try and experiment a little with stuff like coffee and tea, and maybe something that will dye a "natural" green (to go with the various shades of browns from the beverages). I also want to gather together the yarns I have in mind for my Sea of Yarn swap (gotta remember to get that button installed on my blog! It's too cute, and I'm still too damn inept to just slap those babies up there without an investment of time and a corralling of stray brain cells, the ones that are still working that is), I'd like to see if I have enough to package and ship it yet, or if I'll have to wait and see about getting more when I have some money again.

I also have a small project to do that Phil requested of me - a soap saver for his bathroom. I am planning on doing it in a double-stranded crochet thread, in a gorgeous shade of dark blue from Caron which I picked up from JoAnns Friday (pic is below). Then there is my Seraphina to finish (which I've resisted the urge to start on immediately, even though the yarn is wound and ready, because I have to get these secret pal projects done first), numerous WIPs I'd like to complete and even more numerous WIMs I'd dearly love to start! If I had my druthers, I'd just hole up here 24/7 and just crochet my little heart out! I've certainly got plenty of yarn to pull it off - for awhile, at least.

Okay, I think I'm done blabbering. I do hope CVille gets back up soon, but in the meantime, I've got some progress to make on my crocheting. I'll take pics but won't be able to post them until after "reveal" time, don't want to take a chance on exposing myself too soon on the rare chance my sp gal stumbles across my blog for any reason (which I honestly doubt, but one can never be too careful!). I'm especially dying to get started on the project I have planned for her reveal package, I think it's gonna be a knockout! But first, the other items...


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